Since its debut in 2012, the Nintendo Wii U has seen both rough seas and smooth sailing. From the third-party developer exodus that occurred shortly after the system hit the market to the outstanding releases that only Nintendo can deliver, the waters of the Wii U can be tricky to navigate.

Whether you’re just now grabbing Nintendo’s most recent home console or you’re just looking to expand your existing library, this continually changing list represents the games you should play on your Wii U.

Here are Game Informer’s current picks for the Top 10 games on Wii U.

10. Axiom Verge
"I heartily applaud Tom Happ’s first solo effort. It’s incredible that he was able to nail every component of game creation in one package. I’ll wait as long as it takes for him to build a follow-up. When everything works this well, why let someone else get in there and screw it up?" – Joe Juba

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9. Splatoon
“Splatoon has all the trappings of something fans have wanted from Nintendo for a long time: a unique IP that shows Nintendo can still dream up new experiences. As entertaining as it is fast-paced, Splatoon is a strong addition to the Wii U lineup.” – Brian Shea

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8. Bayonetta 2
“Creating a sequel to an already-polished game is a challenge, but Platinum Games’ approach ultimately succeeds. Bayonetta 2 is rooted in its past while taking steps (but not strides) toward the future. Though I was disappointed by some of the familiarity, I was usually having too much fun to care.” – Joe Juba

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7. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
“Every change Nintendo has made to this game is smart and serves a purpose, and I envy anyone that gets to experience The Wind Waker for the first time via this remake. It takes everything that made the original a classic and greatly improves on its visuals and quality of play. If you’re a fan of classic remakes, you can’t ask for much more.” – Dan Ryckert

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6. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
“Even though there are fewer total levels this time around, the individual stages are longer than an average level from the previous game. In the end, I’d rather have a slightly smaller collection of Retro Studios’ best levels than one bloated up with lesser-quality stages in order to hit an arbitrary number. That finely cultivated assortment is exactly what you get with Tropical Freeze.” – Bryan Vore

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