Just southeast of Hyrule Castle is a place on the map called the Ranch Ruins. Inspecting it up close showcases many ties to Ocarina of Time's Lon Lon Ranch.

The former entrance to the Ranch Ruins is similar to Lon Lon Ranch, and even has a collection of vases in the same place.

Here's a view from the entrance's opposite perspective.

There is even a similar brick structure in a geographically similar location on the opposite side of the track. They appear to be the same ranch.

Jest east of Tabantha Thundra, at the north end of a heavily guarded valley, you will find a shrine. But you will also find an overt reference to one of Skyward Swords most memorable landmarks.

Miniature version of the Goddess Statue, seen in Skyward Sword above looming over Link's Skyloft home, can be found throughout Breath of the Wild's Hyrule. You pray to them to expand your health and stamina.

In the valley, though, you will find the biggest one on in the game. It looks exactly like the one in Skyward Sword, and even has the platform you leap from early in Skyward Sword when Zelda gives you your sail cloth. We're still not certain exactly where Breath of the Wild takes place in the Zelda timeline, but if this is the goddess statue from Skyloft, we can safely assume it is very, very, very old.

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