It's important to discuss interesting news and trends in the role-playing game genre, but it's just as essential to give you a glimpse of upcoming releases when I can. Therefore, in this week's RPG Grind Time, I wanted to show off some footage of Tales of Berseria and discuss my impressions. Note: I can only talk about the first 10 hours, and I cannot show any skits or story content, but this should at least give you an idea of the battle system and what's clicking with me. The game launches on Tuesday, and a demo (different from what I played) is currently available on PSN if you want to get an idea of the combat for yourself. 

I've been a fan of the Tales series for a long time now. Tales made its biggest impression on me during the PS2/GameCube era with Symphonia and Abyss, and my love only grew from there with entries such as Vesperia and Graces f. I just love how the series approaches characters, showcasing their bonds and how they grow together. The games may not have big-budget graphics or make sweeping changes to the main formula, but they still have their charm, and I get excited every time I hear about a new entry.

Tales of Berseria won't likely change how you already feel about the franchise, but it does have some enticing elements in regards to its premise, combat, and character development. Berseria is much darker than previous entries; Velvet is on a deadly quest for revenge after a catastrophic event turns her world upside down. She is a far cry from the do-gooder protagonists we usually see in the series. Similarly, the characters she encounters also have their imperfections and dark pasts. This is a world full of demons and evil deeds, and everyone has a different idea of how to keep the peace and what's best for the future. 

To learn more about the game and what I find more effective, check out the video below. Associate editor Elise Favis, who recently played the PSN demo, also joins me to share her thoughts as well. 

Feel free to let me know in the comments if you'd like more video features like this in the future. I'll also be happy to answer the questions that I can about the game.