August 23 is the 25th anniversary of one of Nintendo's most beloved consoles, the SNES. In honor of this important gaming machine, we compiled a list of the best games to ever hit Nintendo's old gray box. It might be time to dust off your machine and see how well many of these classics hold up.

25. Secret of Mana
This action/RPG featured fantastic gameplay and stellar visuals, combat, and music to boot. Not only was Secret of Mana a stellar action/RPG, but it featured three-player co-op, which is still unheard for for a game of this type. We’re still impressed with how well it holds up today.  (Watch us replay the game here.)

24. Donkey Kong Country
Most of Nintendo's early platformers were renowned for their stellar gameplay, but Donkey Kong Country was known more for its 3D-like graphics than anything else. While it was no slouch in the gameplay department, we were more entranced by the then-impressive character models for DK and his enemies. (Watch us replay the game here.)

23. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Despite being released when most of the gaming world’s eye was on the newer 32-bit systems, this Yoshi-centric sequel lived up to its pedigree. Many gamers hear Baby Mario’s shrill cries in their nightmares to ­this ­day. (Watch us replay the game here.)

22. NBA Jam
In the height of the arcade era, Midway’s over-the-top basketball game was so good that even those who were sports averse got into drilling three pointers from half court and shattering backboards. NBA Jam’s iconic catchphrases like, “He’s on fire,” and “Boomshakalaka,” are still drilled into our heads.

21. ActRaiser
A god-like being known as "The Master" wages an epic war against the evil forces of Tanzra in Quintet’s 16-bit experiment that combines “god game” town management with 2D side-scrolling action. For the time it was graphically amazing, and the combat and world building was mind-blowing back in 1991. Plus, we’ll never forget those incredible boss battles. (Watch us replay the game here.)