We decided to put Game Informer's newest team member and fighting games expert Suriel Vazquez to the test by having him use his expertise to judge one of the worst fighting games in the history of mankind – Simpsons Wrestling.

Join the Summer 2016 intern crew Haley MacLean, Leo Vader, AJ Moser, and least handsome Blake Hester as we check out if this bible-throwing, Maggie dropping, Barney belching “fighting” game holds up to the horrendous reviews it received upon release. After testing out a few characters, Suriel passes judgement and we learn if Simpsons Wrestling scores higher than the original 2/10 Andrew Reiner awarded the game back in 2001.

Simpsons Wrestling is just one of many in the long lineage of Simpsons video games, head here for a full list from The Simpsons Arcade Game in 1991 to mobile game Tapped Out in 2012.