Today marks the return of a brand new, non-remake Star Fox entry after a 10-year absence. Star Fox Zero may not be quite the return we were hoping for (you can find our review here), but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost our appreciation for the space fox and his spaceship adventures.

Below you will find our ranked list of every game in the Star Fox series.

8. Star Fox Guard (2016, Wii U)
Its inclusion on this list is somewhat up for debate, as it shares little with any of the other Star Fox games in terms of mechanics, but it is called Star Fox and features Star Fox characters. It’s a bonus game included with Star Fox Zero, and can also be purchased on the Wii U’s eShop, and there simply isn’t much there. The game stars Slippy and his uncle Grippy as they play tower defense with a series of turrets connected to security cameras. It’s a relatively shallow experience that can be skipped.

7. Star Fox Assault (2005, GameCube)
Developed by Namco, Assault served as an almost-return-to-form Star Fox sequel after Adventures. The game featured some on-rails Arwing sequences, but was pulled down drastically by its myriad on-foot sequences. Those on-foot sections were hampered by loose controls, bad A.I., and repetitive mission objectives. There was some fun to be found in the multiplayer, but overall, Assault ranks low in the Star Fox series.

6. Star Fox Zero (2016, Wii U)
Star Fox Zero is half remake of Star Fox 64 and half series reboot, but the pieces don’t quite fit together. There are moments where the awkward motion controls come together to create a compelling space-combat experience, but those moments are intermittent and difficult to consistently recreate. But even without the motion-control barrier, Zero often feels dated. It does fly closer to the true classic Star Fox experience fans want, however, than Star Fox Assault’s stab at the franchise.

5. Star Fox Adventures (2002, GameCube)
Star Fox Adventures started its life as a different game before Team Star Fox injected themselves into Rare’s reptilian adventure. The Arwing moments are few and far between, but the Adventures portion of the game is a solid experience that holds up today. It shares some commonalities with the puzzle-solving and exploration of Zelda, and offers the closest look at these characters and their world that the series has ever offered.

For our ranking of the final four Star Fox games, head to page two.