This feature was originally published on March 9, 2016.

We’ve spent much of this week diving into Ubisoft’s take on a post-apocalyptic New York City, where a devastating illness has left civil order in ruins. If you’re getting started in exploring the city and leveling up, you’ve probably already noticed that Ubisoft has avoided traditional classes for its characters, and instead is allowing players to freely establish their own character build. The freedom is a lot of fun, but along with several weapon varieties, it can be confusing to know how and where to focus. We’ve experimented and chosen five of our favorite builds to let you customize your Division agent in awesome ways.

In order to work toward the builds described below, a little planning is in order. Take the time to look at your Abilities screen in the menu, so you understand how skills (active abilities), talents (modifiers on your actions), and perks (passive abilities) come together. Note that unlike in many progression-based games, these abilities do not unlock along a linear tree. Instead, the upgrades you purchase back at base determine which ability you get next. 

To obtain the next ability or skill mod that you want, you have to scroll through the available upgrades and look at their results. For instance, to obtain a fully modded First Aid skill, you need to purchase the Clinic and the Intensive Care unit. In most cases, we’ve left out mention of perks, as there’s little choice involved here; all perks are active at all times as soon as you acquire them.

As far as weapons, our suggestions below are only guidelines. Many of the guns in the game are multi-purpose. We don’t recommend sticking with an older, underpowered gun rather than changing weapon archetypes when a better gun arrives. Instead, the weapon recommendations are meant to coincide with the ability recommendations when you have an applicable choice in your inventory. 

These five character builds are designed for leveling up to the endgame. As such, some options (like equipping all four talents) won’t be fully available until later in the game. We’ve listed our top recommendations first in each category. 

The “Ready For Anything” Balanced Build

If you’re looking for a solid all-around build that works well in multiple situations, consider the “Ready For Anything.” It’s our top choice for solo play. It also translates easily to team play when your friends come online. If that ease of use and flexibility sounds appealing, this is the character build for you.

This balanced build starts out with the First Aid skill, and adds the Booster Shot mod. This allows for quick heals of both yourself and your allies, and adds in a handy damage increase every time it’s deployed, helping you bring down enemies faster. For your second skill, choose the Turret with the Active Sensor mod. The turret ensures a solid distraction for enemies, and the pulse function helps you track enemy locations. For your signature skill, we recommend the Survivor Link security option, which provides damage resistance for hard fights, as well as speed – a necessity for this multi-role build, where you’ll frequently be moving between short, medium, and long range. 

Lots of talent options should work well here, but consider this combo. Take Evasive Action for increased protection when moving between cover, Critical Save for better med-kit efficiency, Adrenaline to further boost med-kit efficiency, and Steady Hands for better aiming options while in new cover points – ideal if you’re moving around the field a lot.

For weapons, a marksman rifle is a must, letting you take out enemies as soon as they spawn through a distant door. Inevitably, you’ll end up in close to medium range as enemies charge. Flip over to a submachine gun to mow those fools down.

For your main stats, this build is flexible, and supports a relatively balanced approach to maximizing Firearms, Stamina, or Electronics, depending on your preferred playstyle.

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