We review loads of games every year, but only the best receive our special Game Informer awards. Some earn a Silver (a score of 8.5 to 8.75), some Gold (9.0 to 9.5), and an elite few make it all the way to Platinum (9.75 to 10). We've compiled every awarded game released so far in 2015 so that you can easily browse and keep track of the top scoring games. If a particular game catches your eye, you can click on the title to read the full review. Be sure to check back every month as more games are added to the list.

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Editor's Note: List last updated 12/01/15


Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition
PS4, Xbox One, PC | 8.5

“Stylish action games have evolved a lot in recent years, and this release skillfully straddles the line between new and old. The extra characters offer more variety and versatility that any fan of the genre should appreciate. They don’t completely mask the other problems, but the inventive twists on the content ultimately outweigh the legacy complaints.” —Joe Juba

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance
PS4 | 8.5

"Disgaea 5 serves up a hearty helping of enjoyable tactical RPG combat, and lives up to the expectations established by its forerunners in the series. Games like this always face the danger of repetition as you plod through level after level, but Disgaea 5 manages keeps things interesting despite the grind."—Daniel Tack

Disney Infinity 3.0
PS4 | 8.5
(Also on Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, and 360)

"No matter what the future may bring, this series is once again in tip-top shape, and is a place where adults and kids alike should be able to indulge in a wealth of fun."—Andrew Reiner

Dying Light
PS4, Xbox One, PC | 8.5

“Despite technical and parkour missteps, the rewarding combat mechanics, well-executed narrative, and excellent cooperative multiplayer bring players a delightful time in the shadow of the impending apocalypse. Dying Light is a strong open-world zombie game that delivers a good experience on nearly every front.” —Brian Shea

PS4, Xbox One, PC | 8.5 

"As it is, Evolve does its one thing remarkably well, and the few other gripes I have – including long, multi-stage load times and the inability to customize A.I. teammates when playing with friends – don't dampen my enthusiasm for playing more. Evolve's matchups offer a lot of replayability and competitive thrills, and I can see myself returning to it consistently in the following months – even if those play sessions do inevitably end with me lusting for more to do in the world."—Jeff Marchiafava

Far Cry 4: Valley of the Yetis
PS4, Xbox One, PC | 8.5
(Also on PS3, 360) 

"Valley of the Yetis is easily Far Cry 4's best post-release offering. It's small enough where you can see everything it has to offer in a reasonable amount of time, but large enough where you feel like you're getting a whole new Far Cry 4 experience. It's more Far Cry 4 in the best way, and there's enough new content here where nothing feels like a retread – it feels like an extension."—Kyle Hilliard

PS4, PS3, Vita | 8.5 

"Even after the unlocks dry up, the challenge and camaraderie that Helldivers offers makes it hard not to attempt "just one more mission" with your friends, a proposition made all the more enticing by the inclusion of four-player couch co-op. I still don't know how the community-driven galactic campaign will shake out over the coming weeks, but contributing to the larger war effort is just one more welcome excuse to enlist."—Jeff Marchiafava

Her Story
PC | 8.5
(Also on iOS) 

"Her Story forces you to pay attention in a way most games don't. I didn't want to miss one thread. Every word said could be a potential new lead, the dates on the videos are essential for making connections, and even certain visual differences in her clothes and appearance hold clues. I reveled in every "aha" moment, feeling a sense of achievement for catching even the smallest threads. For a more compact experience (about two or three hours), it certainly sticks with you. Her Story is an intriguing experimentation in game narrative. Its vastly different approach to telling a complex story is reason alone to play it."—Kimberley Wallace

Hotline Miami 2
PC | 8.5
(also on PS4, PS3, Vita, PC, Mac)  

"The unrivaled sense of relief that comes from completing an area is a testament to how well-designed each level is. Though it is not for the faint of heart, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number provides thrills at the occasional and momentary cost of your sanity. Though you’ll likely find yourself screaming at your screen on a regular basis, you’re equally as likely to find yourself eagerly loading the next level."—Brian Shea 

Kerbal Space Program
PC | 8.5
(Also on PS4, Mac) 

"Kerbal Space Program provides something for everyone: players who will never see a return voyage from “the Mun,” and those who delve into special resource gathering, landing, docking, and crew-out-of-ship activities. If you are a creative type who loves to fool around with physics, you’ll probably love Kerbal Space Program. If you’re just looking to create unbelievable, ridiculous rockets with an impractical number of fuel pods, you can still have plenty of fun. Whatever your level of engagement, you can enjoy shooting these little green Smurfs into space – or into the nearby scenery."—Daniel Tack

Life is Strange Episode 1: Chrysalis
PC | 8.5
(Also on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 360) 

"The next episode will surely define what Dontnod is out to accomplish, but Life is Strange’s introduction is a good look at the characters and dilemmas. It did its job of getting me interested. I have some minor concerns about how original the subject matter will turn out to be, but the focus on realistic problems is refreshing and the care put into Maxine’s world and the relationship-building holds plenty of promise."—Kimberley Wallace

Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 3: The Last Place You Look
PC | 8.5
(Also on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 360, iOS, Android) 

"With a feeling of real narrative progression, strong action sequences, and a script that draws you in to the events unfolding in the story, The Last Place You Look is Minecraft: Story Mode’s best episode yet. Episode 3 gets the series back on track and makes any fears I had stemming from Episode 2 feel like a distant memory."—Brian Shea

Path of Exile: The Awakening
PC | 8.5

"The Awakening is a welcome and wild addition, giving Path of Exile just what it needs to stay interesting. With the additions in this expansion and other content updates since launch, there’s enough variety and alternate advancement to keep even the most voracious of loot grinders and build optimizers coming back for more."—Daniel Tack

Project Cars
PS4 | 8.5
(Also on Xbox One and PC)

"In a genre where it can be hard to differentiate yourself, Project Cars makes its mark. It's not as strong as it could be in all areas, but Slightly Mad Studios' attention to detail and racing chops make the game a contender."—Matthew Kato

PC | 8.5
(Also on PS4) 

"Video games have challenged us to unsympathetically blast apart deadly robots since their earliest days. Soma’s impressively realized underwater ordeal challenges even the coldest robot-slayers to consider a world where making such snap moral decisions is anything but automatic."—Tim Turi 

Titan Souls
PC | 8.5
(Also on PS4 and Vita) 

"The simple, distilled formula is a refreshing change of pace from the increasingly complex systems many modern games present to players. The thematic ground of an enigmatic little warrior battling ambiguously aligned beasts is worn territory, but Acid Nerve injects enough of its own style and rewarding moments to justify this tribute. The extra challenges you unlock after beating the game, like a harder difficulty and one-life mode, offer nice replayability to the five-hour adventure. If you're looking for a stiff challenge and a captivating atmosphere to lose yourself in, look no further."—Tim Turi 

Yo-kai Watch 
3DS | 8.5 

"Comparing Yo-kai Watch to Pokémon is more than fair as the game borrows from the series that helped establish what has become its own genre, but there’s no reason to pick one over the other. Yo-kai Watch is a worthy competitor that stands comfortably next to Nintendo’s monster collector as a distinct peer."—Kyle Hilliard

Yoshi's Woolly World
Wii U | 8.5 

"Yoshi’s Woolly World is the Wii U’s best-looking game, as well as the best Yoshi’s Island since the original Super Nintendo title. It has a great balance of challenge, exciting bosses, callbacks to the first game, and enough new mechanics and touches to make it easily stand above each attempt at creating a Yoshi’s Island successor of the past two decades."—Kyle Hilliard

Cities: Skylines
PC | 8.75
(Also on Mac) 

"Through deep and rewarding gameplay, Colossal Order’s new simulation fills the increasingly noticeable void in the genre. Where others have failed, Cities: Skyline excels and delivers the new gold standard of modern city-builders."—Brian Shea

PS4 | 8.75
(Also on Xbox One, PS3, 360, and PC)

"FIFA 16 isn't going to blow you away with any single feature. Instead, it falls back on its strong gameplay to provide a fresh experience."—Matthew Kato

Galactic Civilizations III
PC | 8.75 

"Galactic Civilizations III has something to offer everyone, from the most bloodthirsty space pirates to puppetmasters operating from the shadows. Despite the availability of campaign and multiplayer modes, playing skirmish after skirmish is where the experience shines. It’s a fun, deep, and somehow accessible entry in a genre that’s often viewed as complicated and excessively complex. If you’re looking for a foray into deep space strategy that supports a host of different playstyles and features plenty of customization, there’s no need to hop to the next wormhole – it’s right here."—Daniel Tack

Halo 5: Guardians
Xbox One | 8.75 

"If the last major entry represented 343 taking possession of the Halo house, this new installment shows it is ready to move the furniture around and make it their own. Some aspects of the game feel different than what longtime players have come to expect, but I’m happy to see a willingness to innovate. Despite some missteps, Halo 5 is an easy recommendation for the predominant moments during which the game shines."—Matt Miller  

Hand of Fate
PC | 8.75
(Also on PS4, Xbox One, Mac)  

"I noticed a difficulty spike toward the end, but overall the card-based journey is a fun, challenging jaunt that should leave you craving more as you run into disasters and tough battles, taking your tokens and licking your wounds as each attempt brings you just a little closer to the next boss. While the game could use some enemy variety, overall the good mix of encounters and potential outcomes shine and keep things interesting the whole way through."—Daniel Tack

Lego Dimensions
PS4 | 8.75
(Also available on Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, 360)

"Whether you just purchase the core set or go bonkers purchasing figures, Lego Dimensions delivers big thrills and fun playability both in the game and on your living-room floor."—Andrew Reiner

Madden NFL 16
PS4 | 8.75
(Also on Xbox One, PS3, and 360)

"Changing Madden's modes isn't the priority this year, but you shouldn't skip this year's game. After years of fitful progress, Madden 16 finally puts its gameplay pieces together and delivers a truly dynamic on-the-field experience."—Matt Kato

Magic Duels: Origins
PC | 8.75
(Also on Xbox One, PC, and iPad)

"Magic Duels is the best implementation of the Duels of the Planeswalkers series yet, with great deckbuilding options that can pull together themed decks in mere moments and cool incentives to experiment outside your comfort zone."—Daniel Tack

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
3DS | 8.75 

"I’ve poured a ton of time into MH4U, but in the context of this series I understand this is only the beginning. Hundreds of solo and multiplayer missions await, along with a staggering number of huge monsters to hunt and lots of gear to craft. Don’t let the early learning hours and initially perplexing systems deter you; this is the best opportunity to find out what keeps fans coming back to Monster Hunter. As an enamored new fan, quitting isn’t an option."—Tim Turi

Rare Replay
Xbox One | 8.75 

"The breadth of content is impressive, and each game has been faithfully ported and upgraded in ways that don’t interfere the original experience. It serves as an exciting reminder of Rare’s best years and makes seeing the developer’s iconic blue and gold logo exciting all over again."—Kyle Hilliard

Rock Band 4
PS4 | 8.75 
(Also one Xbox One)

" In this year’s music-game scene, Rock Band 4 offers tried-and-true polish, and an impressive opportunity for backward compatibility. Whether you’re importing a back catalog or not, the new title stands on its own with smart music selections, and skill-based gameplay refined over years of experimentation."—Matt Miller

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
PC | 8.75 

"Legacy of the Void is an extremely polished experience packed with features for all styles of players, but the campaign suffers from a muddled, middling narrative and maps that sometimes feel too much alike. Overall, it’s still an impressive experience with powerful protoss style and flavor, a handful of cool levels that play with the genre in unique ways, and a cache of fun multiplayer components that come together to create a solid conclusion to one of the most iconic real-time strategy games of all time." —Daniel Tack

PC | 8.75  

"Volume’s story levels are designed with the same care that players must use when playing, and I enjoyed the experience from start to finish. With true stealth games a rare breed today, Volume stands as a declaration that the formula can still work."—Brian Shea


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