Real Name: Experimental War Robot (EWR)

Background: Prior to the events of Black Ops III, the military was investing heavily in a research and development project involving robots that would fight in wars. Though the project was eventually discontinued, a prototype with the callsign of “Reaper” survived the scrapping process.

Weapon: Scythe – Using its natural advantage of being a robot, Reaper transforms its arm into a minigun that is able to mow down enemies at an incredible rate.

Ability: Psychosis – Reaper sends out three decoys to distract and confuse enemies.

Sitting at a great vantage point and activating Reaper’s Scythe is extremely effective and can turn the tide of any battle in a match. If you find yourself outnumbered or outgunned, Psychosis will confuse the enemies while you pick them off.


Real Name: David Wilkes

Background: While serving in the British Engineering Corps, Prophet obtained his first cybernetic enhancements. Within five years, he obtained many more upgrades and became one of the most advanced examples of human weaponry.

Weapon: Tempest – Prophet wields a weapon that charges and blasts electricity in the direction of the target. In addition to electrocuting the target, the blast can also arc to adjacent foes.

Ability: Glitch – Using his unparalleled technology, Prophet is able to hack the simulation that the multiplayer takes place in to teleport back to where he was seconds before, opening up all kinds of strategic options.

Prophet’s Tempest is awesome if you fancy yourself a lone wolf. Not only does the gun blast its target with great effectiveness, but its ability to arc to nearby enemies can be a major help if you’re facing off against several soldiers by yourself. Glitch is possibly the hardest ability to learn how to use effectively, but it can also be the most versatile in that it can not only confuse your enemies, but also give you better placement. If you turn the corner and unwittingly enter a bad situation, Glitch can also help you quickly escape.


Real Name: Tavo Rojas

Background: As the last remnant of an elite force that specialized in jungle warfare, Nomad is well-trained in using the environment to his advantage and is a survivalist.

Weapon: H.I.V.E. – Nomad deploys pods that activate and release dangerous swarms of nano drones when enemies walk past.

Ability: Rejack – If Nomad is taken down in battle, he can activate a special nanoparticle serum that injects into his bloodstream and revives him. In the Black Ops III beta, this allowed him to stack scorestreaks and steal kills away from enemies, but Treyarch nerfed it so it no longer steals points from those who take Nomad down and it resets Nomad’s scorestreak.

Nomad might be best suited for those who play in a stationary manner. Being able to protect yourself using his H.I.V.E. traps could allow you to set up in a great location without worrying too much that someone will sneak up behind you. If you opt to go into battle with his Rejack ability equipped instead of the H.I.V.E. weapon, it means that even if you’re downed by an enemy, you won’t have to try and reclaim the position from the outside thanks to the fact that you’re revived by it on the spot.


Real Name: Classified

Background: While very little is known about Spectre, it is assumed that he or she is a wet-work specialist. Even the existence of the entity codenamed “Spectre” is up for debate by several agencies based on evidence found at scenes at unsolved assassinations that fit the same profile.

Weapon: Ripper – Spectre wields twin blades with which he or she can slice through enemies with ease.

Ability: Active Camo – Since Spectre is known for stealth operations and kills, it makes sense that he or she would sport Active Camo. The temporary invisibility gives Spectre the jump on unsuspecting enemies.

Stealth isn’t exactly the name of the game when it comes to Call of Duty multiplayer, but that doesn’t mean that Spectre’s sneaky properties are completely obsolete. The Ripper blades give you the means to slice and dice your way through opponents, while the Active Camo option means you’ll rarely be the one getting the surprise ambush.


Real Name: Erin Baker

Background: Battery grew up in a military family, and after watching her brothers enroll in the U.S. Army, she followed suit. She proved very successful, acing the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program.

Weapon: War Machine – Battery blasts a bouncing grenade at her target that explodes upon impact.

Ability: Kinetic Armor – Using electrically charged reactive armor, Battery’s armor causes bullets that hit her to simply evaporate harmlessly.

As perhaps the most traditional soldier in terms of her weapon and ability, Battery could prove to be a favorite for those who want to keep things simple. War Machine, while powerful, is simply a powerful variant on the grenade launchers we’ve seen in Call of Duty for years now, and the Kinetic Armor makes her bulletproof for a window of time – something we all know will come in handy in multiplayer.


Real Name: Krystof Hejek

Background: Though he has possessed a vast arsenal over the course of his military career, his weapon of choice has always been fire. 

Weapon: Purifier – This devastating flamethrower enables Firebreak to incinerate anyone or anything in its path. This is ideal for clearing out rooms in close-quarters combat.

Ability: Heat Wave – Firebreak superheats the area around him using a thermal charge. The resulting heat stuns nearby enemies and can destroy equipment in the area.

Even Treyarch describes Firebreak as great for clearing out rooms. It’s easy to see why — his weapon quickly destroys anyone close to him, and his ability is centered on stunning his opponents and destroying their equipment.


Which Specialist are you most wanting to try out for yourself? Do any fit perfectly into your play style?