During our last day at Eidos Montreal, we sat down with Martin Dubeau, the art director for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. We sorted through the screens and pieces of concept art that we’d be getting for our magazine and online coverage, and he provided context for everything we were seeing. Rather than let his insights go to waste, we’re sharing them with you today. Read on for additional details on the environments, people, and symbolism that you might not otherwise have known from simply looking at the pictures.

I wrote a bit about Victor Marchenko before (pictured above), in a feature that touched on the game’s power players. There’s a lot going on with him beyond his involvement in the Augmented Rights Coalition. Looking at him, you can immediately tell that he’s been through a lot – that huge mechanical arm is hard to overlook. While Dubeau and the rest of the team are reluctant to delve too deeply into his story at this point, he did provide some interesting high-level details.

“We wanted to create someone who looked like a worker first, and who lives in the ghetto,” Dubeau says of the character. “That’s why he has this huge arm. Maybe he could have been someone who worked on something hard, like breaking brick – that was the idea.”

In addition to the arm, Marchenko has augmentations on his face that also make him stand apart from the crowd. He lost an eye as the result of an accident – possibly the same incident that forced him to replace his arm – and its high-tech replacement definitely gives him an advantage. “He can have many add-ons to it, so he can see further and better than anybody, because he has three cameras now instead of one eye,” Dubeau explains. “Imagine that he can see in more than three dimensions – it’s more than three dimensions, because if you see something with your two eyes, you never see the third depth because it’s not aligned with your eyes. But if we could have three eyes we would have a better sense of dimension. He has a super view on his camera with sensors between them.”

Marchenko is a mysterious presence in the game, and in protagonist Adam Jensen’s life. Regardless of the ARC member’s true intensions, you can be that he has all eyes on our hero. Take note of a low-tech detail you may have missed: He has an old coat wrapped around his neck like a cape. 

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Rucker's Office
Everyone has a boss, and in this case Marchenko’s is a man named Dr. Talos Rucker. I covered Rucker in the same power-player feature, but Dubeau gave us more information to chew on. As an augmented person, he has a stake in the augmented-rights movement. According to Dubeau, the former medical doctor was burned in a volcanic eruption while working in Africa, in an accident that killed his wife. “If you look in his apartment, you can find a lot of hints about his backstory and what happened,” Dubeau says. “He has half of his face burned, and he decided to keep that part of himself without any augmentations. But his arms were definitely redone completely.” Half of Rucker’s rib cage was also broken, which required extensive reconstruction.

SPOILER AHEAD: Even though he’s the dominant portion of this image, there are some other details you may have missed. “You’ll notice that there’s a sunset at the end of the map,” Dubeau says. “What I wanted to do as a metaphor was when Rucker dies in the game, it’s like if the sunset linked to the renaissance is just dying at the same time – so this golden era is finishing. After that part of the game, you will never come back to something as clear as it was at this moment.”