Game characters have a lot to complain about. Whether it’s the love of your life being stolen by a giant talking dinosaur turtle thing or a nuclear apocalypse wiping out the majority of life on the planet, a lot of video game characters have a rough go. 

Amidst of all of these trials and tragedies, we complain about some of the pettiest things while we’re playing their games. Let’s take a look at some of the dumbest things we whine about while the characters we control are (sometimes literally) going through hell on-screen.

“Your Wallet Is Full”

I don’t think I’ve ever once said, “I have so much money that I actually need a bigger wallet to hold it all.” Even if I did, I probably wouldn’t be complaining about it. In franchises like BioShock, The Legend of Zelda, and Far Cry, however, we find ourselves constantly scrambling to find or craft a bigger wallet. When currency is literally enormous like the rupees in Zelda, this makes sense. Not so much in Far Cry. Still, having too much money falls under the category of “problems you want to have.” Unfortunately, once you get the bigger wallet, it leads you to the new problem of having to find something to spend all of the money it holds.

Your Monsters Are Too Powerful To Capture Weaker Monsters

Walking through the tall grass in a Pokémon game can be a dangerous proposition for a young trainer, but when an experienced player is traveling with a party of thoroughly trained monsters, the wild Pokémon are typically the ones in danger. Unfortunately, when you’re trying to fill out your Pokédex, it’s a bummer when you finally encounter that level 11 Clefairy you’ve been hunting, only to realize that the weakest Pokémon in your party is a level 68 Haunter. Trolling Mt. Moon with this lineup for the sole purpose of catching a Clefairy could be criticized as is poor planning, but we’ve all encountered this situation at some point, and it’s no fun.

Awesome Armor Looks Stupid With Awesome Helmet

You’ve finally found one of the best pieces of armor in the game, and now it’s time to equip it to your character. This is the one you spent your entire night trying to obtain, and now you realize that this awesome chest piece looks completely stupid when you’re wearing it alongside the helmet with the best stats. Great, now the character you spent two hours trying to make look like a more awesome version of you looks like a buffoon thanks to this painfully uncool armor. It’s moments like this that we have to decide whether that extra +15 physical resistance is really worth looking like an idiot and irreparably tarnishing your social reputation.

Having A House So Massive You Can’t Fill It With Enough Stuff

Have you ever thought about expanding your living quarters in real life, only to reconsider when you realize how much more it will cost just to fill it with stuff? Of course not! But in games like The Sims, expansion can happen so quickly that many players don’t have time to consider this very real problem. Because of this, some Sims live in gigantic mansions that are only partially furnished. The horror.

The High-Tech Elevator In Your Awesome Spaceship Takes Forever

The mission has been decided upon and now it’s time to act. After arriving at a nearby star system thousands of light years away in mere minutes, you’re stuck riding in an elevator within that same spaceship for almost as much time. Why does it take 60 seconds to go 20 feet when it took only slightly longer for the same machine to reach another solar system? The real answer may be, “The game is loading,” but what’s the fun in that?

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