Even as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gained a firm foothold in the industry, 2014 lacked the masterpiece titles that gamers have grown accustomed to in previous years. Don't get us wrong – there were plenty of great games to play on our new- and old-gen systems alike, but every title seemed to have its drawbacks and detractors, making this year's Top 50 list harder than ever to put together.

While you can check out our full Top 50 list in the latest issue of Game Informer, we're giving you a peek at the best of the best. Below are our Top 50 award winners, which include platform exclusives, genre standouts, the best multiplayer experiences, and much more, as decided by the Game Informer staff.

Best Xbox One Exclusive: Sunset Overdrive
Sunset Overdrive is Insomniac Games' best effort in years, and one of the most unique experiences of the year. Although the focus is squarely on slaying mutants in the face of an apocalypse, the action blends Ratchet & Clank's gonzo weaponry with Tony Hawk's combo-laden city traversal. This odd amalgamation works well for the wacky missions and free-wheeling city exploration.

Best PlayStation 4 Exclusive: Infamous Second Son
New series lead Delsin Rowe is a superhero sponge, capable of absorbing the powers of any Conduit that crosses his path. His personality is grating, but Rowe's combat prowess dazzles. Second Son is one of the most visually stunning games of the new console generation, painting Seattle vibrantly as particle effects dance amid the frenzied battles.

Best PC Exclusive: Divinity: Original Sin
With a tactical combat system and excellent party customization, Larian Studios' epic RPG is all about freedom of choice. Move through the world as a destroyer of townsfolk, a hero, or something between the extremes. Discovery is around every corner as you master the satisfying elemental combat interactions, and you can even bring a friend along to play co-op.

Best Wii U Exclusive: Bayonetta 2
Platinum Games' stylish witch returns for another action-packed adventure that defies reason. Why are you fighting on a jet? Why are burning chainsaws strapped to your feet? Don't worry about it – instead, relish the precise and polished combat that provides all the depth and variety you could ask for. It may look like mayhem, but you're always in complete control.

Best 3DS Exclusive: Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
Persona Q combines two of Atlus' popular series, Persona and Etrian Odyssey, for thrilling results. The charismatic Persona characters keep things entertaining as you crawl through harrowing dungeons with fun themes. Throw in hard-fought victories and a complex battle system and Persona Q is strong on all fronts.

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