Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition has consumed our time and our every waking thought. We dream about playing it while we're sleeping, and daydream about playing it when we're at work. This weekend we won't have to dream any longer.

Matthew Kato: Going to be playing plenty of Diablo III on PS4 as well as loading up on Madden 15 and FIFA. Above all this, I am actually wondering if I should start up Witcher 2 again. Probably won't happen this weekend, but I have a feeling I will before The Wild Hunt comes out.

Andrew Reiner: Diablo III. If you're doing anything else, just stop. No one cares.

Ben Hanson: I'm not sure how much time I'll have this weekend for games, but I'll sure as hell try. Tonight I believe I'm seeing the original Planet of the Apes for the first time with Sir Timothy Turi. Beyond that, I'm hoping to spend more time with The Last of Us on PS4. I'm in the middle of the winter section now and am looking forward to wrapping it up. My mind continually wanders over to the game's multiplayer mode, and I'd love to get a game with a team of four friends on mics. Apparently the second season of The Walking Dead is wrapping up next week so I also feel like I should marathon episodes 2-4 over the weekend since I told myself that this is ultimate episode on the horizon is what I was waiting for. Happy Post-Apocalypse!

Tim Turi: This weekend, I’ll be playing a ton of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. I’m hoping to check out how the game plays via the Vita’s remote play functionality so I can grind out some levels while catching up on WWE Raw. Additionally, I want to continue my adventure in the ever-changing castle of Rogue Legacy. I played a lot of it during my vacation and I love it. I want to make sure that I finish it this time around.