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Best Video Game Places To Take A Vacation

We may be at the tail end of summer, but that doesn't mean we can't still take a well-earned vacation. A couple of years ago, we highlighted some of the worst places your travel agent could send you in the video game space. Now that you know where to avoid, let's take a look at some places that you might not mind visiting from time to time.

Just like with the previous feature, be sure to suspend your disbelief. Obviously you can't actually visit any of these locations as they are portrayed in the games. That being said, strap in, grab a drink, and read on to find out where are the best places to vacation.

Lake Hylia - Ocarina of Time

Why go here: Why does anyone go to any lake? To swim! Yes, Hyrule's biggest (and seemingly only) lake is the perfect place to enjoy a swim in crystal-clear waters, whether you are there for temple-plundering business or pleasure. In addition, if that gets too boring for you or your party, you can check out the nearby fishing center. There's even a mad scientist in the area who will give you stuff if you swim deep enough in his private pool - just don't ask why.

Who you go with: Your swim team and your Zora trainer. By now, your team has probably been training in the likes of the Zora River. Baby stuff compared to this. Your trainer wouldn't have brought you here unless you were ready for the big leagues. 20,000 of them, potentially; there's a lot of water in that lake. 

Willamette Mall - Dead Rising

Why go here: Let's face it: We all have walked through a nice mall and wondered what would happen if we could spend an hour alone with nobody to stop us from taking what we wanted. Maybe grab some gadgets or a nice set of clothes. Willamette Mall has it all: electronics, medieval weapons, clothes, toys, and even guns, if they strike your fancy. It's the kind of mall you can get lost in...especially when you're trying to survive an endless horde of the undead.

Who you go with: Your best friend and Chris Redfield. Senseless slaughter of what was once a human being would be awkward to do with anyone other than your closest friend, to say the least. By this point, the level of decomposition in the zombies would probably be enough for you to cut through them like butter. In addition, having a certified expert on all things zombie killing-related will give you the edge to make your trip to Willamette a fun and largely safe experience. Just ignore it when Chris attempts to punch enormous 20-ton boulders. That happens.

Alternate travel partner: Kratos.

Kyrat - Far Cry 4

Why go here: Kyrat is the perfect destination for the adventurous gamer. To fully experience the stunning landscape, you would need to get off the roads and explore the off-beat villages and climb the country's cliffs and snowy peaks. It may take some effort, but the satisfaction you'll get for dominating this harsh-yet-gorgeous land is unmatched.

Who you go with: Uncharted 2's Nathan Drake and Tenzin, the ultimate backpacking team. These two have shown they are more than capable of navigating icy mountains and climbing treacherous cliffs. It may take some effort to keep up with them, though, as they move fairly quickly. By what we've seen so far, Kyrat is an extravagant and dangerous open world to discover. You know that Nate and Tenzin will find you the most beautiful of vistas, the beastliest elephants to ride, and of course, a mess of danger.

Coming up: Some cool cities to check out.

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