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Chronicles – Taking On The Toughest Bosses Of Dark Souls II

The story isn't always done when the credits start to roll. Sometimes there's a wealth of optional content waiting to be conquered. Or in the case of Dark Souls II, extra tough bosses that are waiting to conquer you. I return to the land of Drangleic to face off with an old flame and throw myself at the mercy of an undead king.

Join Game Informer's resident Dark Souls savant, Dan Tack, and I as we dive back into the game in this episode of Chronicles, a show that lets us tell our personal gaming stories. We revisit the near-complete adventure of my fleet-footed melee fighter to see if he has what it takes to clean up the game's thoroughly challenging optional content. 

Let Dan and I know what you think of our return to From Software's humbling action-RPG, and we may just rally enough courage to return and attempt to finish up my post-credits saga.

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