Best Wii U Exclusive


Super Smash Bros. might have been Nintendo’s most popular game at the show, but in terms of Wii U exclusives, we can’t help getting excited for Mario Maker. For decades, players have dreamt of making their own Super Mario levels, and finally Nintendo is giving us all the opportunity via an easy-to-use level creator. Not only that, but the game actually puts the Wii U’s touchscreen to good use, allowing you to draw in and erase blocks and obstacles with the stylus in a matter of seconds. Now who is going to censor all the platforms shaped like body parts?

Best PlayStation Exclusive


In a year with few surprises and even fewer platform exclusives, Sony pulled off a big reveal that had fans talking for the duration of this year’s E3. From Software’s new action RPG may not have “Souls” in the title, but it follows in the same vein of punishing and rewarding gameplay that the developer is known for. The methodical combat, Victorian gothic environments, and hulking, grotesque beasts all look gorgeous on the PlayStation 4 (despite some framerate hiccups), which is coincidentally the only platform you’ll be able to play it on. Given the increasing popularity of the Dark Souls series, this is a big get for Sony, even if it’s an adventure that goes by a different name.

Best Xbox Exclusive


Forza Horizon 2 wasn’t just the best racing game at the show; the series also continues to be the best use of Microsoft’s lauded cloud service. The Drivatar system uses real player behavior to inform the A.I. racers, and Playground Games is improving the series’ social features with 1,000-member driving clubs and multistage road trips that you can compete in with friends or other players you meet in the world. Tearing through France and Italy in souped-up sports cars is even more fun when you can go off the beaten path.

Best In Show


Turtle Rock Studios’ new multiplayer shooter mixes cooperative and competitive gaming into a fresh experience that continues to live up to the new-gen hype. Unleashing a single overpowered beast onto a quartet of hunters that sport unique yet complementary abilities makes for exciting matches, which was apparent by the endless crowds that gathered around 2K’s booth on the show floor. Our hands-on time with the newly revealed monster and hunters proved that the developer didn’t frontload all of its good ideas into the characters it showed us during our February cover story, and quashed any lingering doubts we had about the title’s variety and replayability. Not only is Evolve our game of the show, it's a serious contender for 2014’s game of the year.

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