E3 2014 has wrapped, but we took plenty of pictures to make sure those who weren't able to make it could get a good hard look at the show from both the inside and the outside.

For a moving pictures version of the E3 2014 show floor, head here for our video tour.

Huge banners decorate the outside of the Los Angeles convention center

Evolve had a particularly large presence, both inside and outside

Sony created this hand-painted mural for feature outside

This is the entryway before entering the halls. Even before getting into the meat of the show there are plenty of video game sights to take in

Bungie brought in Destiny statues for fans to pose next to

Insomniac's gigantic inflatable Fizzco mascot would speak to people milling about the entry hall. The Vine below gives a better idea of just how big the thing was

As you enter the hall, Evolve's menacing beast was among the first games to demand your attention

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