When your secret Antarctic military base is overrun by a terrifying parasitic infection, there's only one reasonable course of action: Call Dennis and Roger. At least, that's what happens in the PS2 survival-horror game Extinction. Join Reiner, Ben Reeves, intern Wayne, and me as we get our faces chewed off by a bunch of gross worms.

We called this game a mix of Tomb Raider and Resident Evil back when we reviewed it. Do the comparisons hold up? Well, you fight scary things and pull switches, which is certainly something. Super Replay fans, take note: This game is set on Christmas Eve, which gives it extra points as far as being considered for our next Big Show. It's a complicated, proprietary formula that I can't really go into, but I will say that being a survival-horror game and having a wonky camera also work in its favor. We'll see...

Stick around for the second segment, in which Ben appears to lose what remains of his mind. Great!

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