After the big day of press conferences today, a few of the Game Informer editors had the chance to dig in and explore a number of the games that Microsoft showed earlier that morning at their media briefing. Ben Reeves and I were among those with the good fortune to dig into several of those games, and we’ve here to offer a quick recap and conversation about what we saw.

Miller: That was a lot of games, tonight. Any favorites stand out for you?

Ben: It’s all kind of a blur of leopard pants and Nathan Fillion cutting in front of me at the Halo demo at this point, but I remember playing Sunset Overdrive fairly clearly. I’m not sure I loved it. Did you play it? 

MIller: Well, we’re in agreement that it was weird to be hanging out next to Captain Reynolds as we all watched the Halo collection. And yeah, this was my first time trying out Sunset Overdrive, and I’m not sure a loud and crowded floor late at night after a busy day lends itself particularly well to the experience. It’s a pretty confusing game the first time you play!

Ben: Yeah, I like the idea of combining Tony Hawk-style traversal with shooter mechanics, but the action itself felt very chaotic. I think I need to play that game from the start to really appreciate it. I love Insomniac and I want to believe this game is going to succeed, but the demo I played didn’t win me over. Just because the elements it features are solid, it doesn’t mean it’s been baked into a tasty package. 

Miller: For me, even though I’m sure there were some features I’d get used to with time, I felt like some of the action felt more than a little floaty, which I’m not a big fan of. However, I did like the zany vibe of the game, especially the weird weapons -- I guess that’s almost an expectation now with an Insomniac game. After my brief 15 minutes with the game, I feel like I really haven’t made up my mind about this one yet, but I’m happy to say that it certainly feels different from almost anything else at this year’s show so far. 

Now, I happen to know for a fact that you played Evolve, because you were one of my teammates as we brought down Cthulhu...I mean, the Kraken. We’ve covered Evolve several times in recent months, but this was the first time I personally got to play it, and I thought it was quite cool. I was surprised by how distinct each of the classes were, and the importance of teamwork in order to bring down the big baddie. 

Ben: I hear you. Evolve was definitely the game of the night for me. This was the first time I got to play it, and I have to say that I walked away impressed. I’m a big fan of Turtle Rock’s previous series, Left 4 Dead, so I shouldn’t have been surprised by Evolve, but I was. Even after hearing the guys who went on the cover story talk about their experiences with the game, I should have known what to expect, but Evolve feels like a genuinely new gaming experience. I feel like it really combines the best of both worlds; it’s a great co-op title, but you’re also competing against a real human who has a massive arsenal of powers. I played an assault class who had a temporary invulnerability shield and a flamethrower – what’s not to love?

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