As announcements ramp up next week, we’ll be doing lots of coverage on the games that are confirmed for E3, but this weekend we’re pausing for a moment to consider the games that probably won’t make the cut.  Some are in the works but further out, and others are just wishful thinking. In every case, we hope we’re wrong, but there’s good reason to believe that these longed-for projects won’t be among the titles seen at this year’s conference.


Borderlands 3

Astute observers have noticed that the next Borderlands game (The Pre-Sequel) is not only for last-gen consoles, but is also being developed by 2K Australia rather than Gearbox. So what about a full-on new-gen sequel to this insanely cooperative shooter? Vault hunters needn’t be too worried – we’d be amazed if publisher 2K wasn’t already looking into a true sequel in this lucrative series. However, if it exists, we’ve heard no word about it being at E3 2014. 

Dark Souls III

We expect a number of games to show up at E3 that borrow liberally from the Dark Souls formula, including the already announced Lords of the Fallen, as well as the rumored (and leaked) Project Beast. However, despite the recent success of Dark Souls II, we’re too close the most recent release to legitimately expect a sequel to the hardcore fantasy series.

The Elder Scrolls VI

With Bethesda’s focus on the recent release of Elder Scrolls Online and the upcoming release of the same game on consoles, the company would be crazy to start a new PR campaign for yet another Elder Scrolls game so soon. If this is a game in development, don’t expect to hear about it anytime soon. 

Fallout 4

Bethesda proved that the Fallout franchise still had plenty of life left in it when it took over the series for Fallout 3. Obsidian’s New Vegas continued the trend with another story-focused entry that had post-nuclear fans wandering the wasteland. There’s good reason to believe that Fallout 4 is on the way at some point, but we’ve had zero indications that it’s going to show up at this year’s show.

Half-Life 3

At this point, it’s almost an annual joke that we’ll be hearing some big piece of news about Valve’s mythical sequel in the Half-Life series. However, just as it’s been for years now, there is no reason to believe in any forward momentum on a new game in the series. It’s got to happen sometime, though. Right? 

Igarashi’s Castlevania-style game

The recent departure of Koji Igarashi from his long tenure at Konami perked the ears of Castlevania fans everywhere. The acclaimed developer immediately shifted gears to found his own independent studio, and publicly shared with the press his desire to return to making games like Castlevania. Unfortunately, as exciting as that potential is, his new team can’t be anywhere near far enough along to share game details publicly. But we can always dream. 

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