The extended holiday weekend let some people go camping. Fools! For us, the best use of that extra day off is playing games. Most of us will be putting time into Infamous Second Son and Transistor as well as a few other catch-up titles. What about you? Tell us in the comments below.

Mike Futter: This weekend, I’ll be finishing the fantastic Wolfenstein: The New Order and, probably, Stick it to the Man (this month’s free PS4 title with PlayStation Plus). If I’m lucky, I might also have time to start Transistor, which I want to make sure I approach without distractions. May has been a fantastic month for gaming.

Daniel Tack: Clash of Clans. No really, I’m back for Clan Wars. Help. In all seriousness, I’ll probably work on Transistor and Wolfenstein as well as doing some Hearthstone. As always during the ramp up to the international I’ll probably want to spend some time on Dota 2 to get the most out of my Compendium, and I’ll probably roll a D20 to determine what other MOBA/ARTs titles to sneak in some time this weekend.

Andrew Reiner: The weekend starts with Wolfenstein: The New Order and ends with Watch Dogs. The movies I hope to watch are Godzilla and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. I also plan on starting up Fringe: Season 5. 

Jeff Marchiafava: This weekend I want to get back into Infamous: Second Son; I still only have smoke powers and the game is pretty fun so far, but it sounds like things really open up when you get neon powers. I’d also like to start Transistor and play more Mercenary Kings. I probably should mow my lawn sometime this weekend too. That probably won’t be as fun.

Ben Hanson: This weekend I hope to spend some more time with Transistor. I'm warming up to it and am always hungry for something to play on my PS4. Outside of that, I'm sure I'll play some Hearthstone on iPad while watching The Daily Show or something riveting like that. Have a good weekend!

Tim Turi: I’m in the middle of several games, which is never a good situation when you’re someone who wants to beat everything they start. Currently I’m playing Wolfenstein: The New Order, Infamous: Second Son, Transistor, and Kero Blaster on iOS. My priorities this weekend is to beat either Infamous or Wolfenstein, both of which I’m enjoying a lot. I also want to play at least a little bit of Transistor just so I don’t forget how to play that game. It’s surprisingly complicated and I feel like I’ve still just scratched the tip of the iceberg.