Yesterday brought news that a new Power Rangers movie is in the works. The series, now in its 21st season, continues to feature martial arts heroes in brightly hued costumes along with giant robots. The Rangers are also getting a brand new movie from Lionsgate.

Just last week, we reported that Lionsgate is moving into the game business, and Nerdist co-founder Peter Levin is leading the charge. Lionsgate isn’t the first company to grow from film roots. 

Warner Bros. has made a strong go of its interactive business, and Sony (among other things) has a foot firmly planted in Hollywood. If Lionsgate is looking to replicate that model, a Power Rangers game with a competent developer at the helm would be a good first step. There have been a dozen other titles starring various incarnations of the superhero team, and after over two decades, there's a faithful following for the property.

The movie doesn’t yet have a release date (or much information at all), but Lionsgate has suggested it will be a "re-envisioning." 

[Source: LA Times]