A few months ago, we asked readers what underused setting or time period they would like to see more of and why. Historical settings dominated the replies we received. Here are some of responses.

Eastern Influences:

  • I would love to see the Ancient Chinese Dynastic Period, in particular the Qin Dynasty. This time period was ruled by a ruthless emperor name Qin Shi Huangdi and he was so powerful he forced countless citizens to make terra cotta warriors of clay to fight for him in the afterlife. Forget the the Warring States period, that makes it to easy to create a story.

    Grant Coscia
  • I would like to see games based in ancient China. I think this is an extremely interesting time period that could spawn multiple different game types, from RPGs to adventure/action games and even MMOs. I think this a time period that (besides the Shogun series) has been completely untouched. Hopefully it will influence more games.

    Michael Fendler
  • I would like to see more Asian settings: Tibet, China, Japan, or India. I don't want it restricted to JRPG's; I would love to see a western-style RPG (e.g. like Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Kingdoms of Amalur) that is explorable, customizable, nuanced in character interaction, features real time combat, etc., set in an Asian-influenced environment. This would go beyond fashion and architecture – I want Asian-style monsters, demons, dragons, wizards, and more. I want to fight one of the many thousands of Hindu gods or goddesses. Dakinis (female sky walkers) would be a good touch.

    Trista Pini
  • I would like to see more games set in 15th century feudal Japan. I mean, what kid has not had dreams of being dressed in a ninja suit and running around slicing people's throats? I know I have.

    Nick Smith
  • Feudal Japan. I heard a rumor a couple of years ago that one of the Assassin's Creed games was to feature a female assassin in feudal Japan, and I was sorely disappointed when it didn't come to pass. I was also a huge Bushido Blade fan, so there's that.

    James Ford

It's All Greek To Me:

  • The Greek-Persian wars is a period I have always enjoyed. How awesome would it be to have a game where you could be a Greek soldier, in bad-ass armor, pulling off deadly combos? Also, people should take more time to marvel at the might of the ancient Greeks. I would love to be at the battle of 300 in the game, being on a suicide mission and then barely escaping with a handful of fellow Spartans and the wounded King Leonidas. In fact, I think l sense a great idea for an Assassin's Creed game.

    Evan Condoulis
  • I'd definitely like to see more IPs set within the ancient Roman, Spartan, Greek, etc. eras – with or without the mythology. So much content and drama within history!

    Sean R.
  • I would have to say the Ancient Roman time period. It was an amazing time for the human race, in all facets. Aside from Rome: Total War for PC and Ryse for the Xbox One, I cannot think of any quality games that tackle that time period. It is full of great possibilities and has the potential to become a long-running series.

    Justin Shelton

American War Story:

  • I would really like to see a game on the American Civil War. I'm actually rather surprised there hasn't been one already. Just imagine how exciting it could be, playing a game similar to Assassin's Creed III, but in the Civil War era, assassinating key characters in the war. It could be also be an RPG-type-game similar to Skyrim, where you choose a side in a war and build yourself through the rankings. I feel the war-themed games could use a reboot and I believe this could be that reboot.

    John Dimmick
  • I really want to see more American Revolution-era in games. I love what Fallout 3 did with american history and I'd like to see more. That's such an interesting time to me and american history is so cool.

  • I would like to see more games set in the civil war/industrial revolution era. Outside of History channel games and obscure games like Darkest of Days (which was actually more of a time-travel game), there really isn't anything of substance from a very brutal and vicious time in our history. I know the upcoming title The Order: 1886 is in that vein, but it also has a supernatural feel to it. I want a game that highlights both the unique and eloquent social nature as well as the ferociousness of the time. 

    Christopher Smith
  • I’d love to see more games set in the late 1700s, during the American Revolution. Assassin’s Creed III came close, giving a decent representation of the period (fictional elements aside), but it lacked the interesting story of its predecessors. So much can be done with this setting, and I’m surprised more devs haven’t pursued an original IP for the time period.

    Howard Blatz

That '70s Game:

  • I believe that an area never used in games before is the '70s. Not the '70s everyone thinks of – the car culture. If Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 was made and set in the late '70s, you could have some of the best hot rods and muscle cars ever to have insane chases with. Just think about cars you could use; classic Mustangs, Camaros, '32 Fords, Chevelles, '57 Chevys, and race cars of the time like GT40s and Shelby Daytona Coupes. Plus, the custom cars had huge blowers, metal flake paint, and style that no new car today can match. It would be a mix of all the best muscle car movies ever under your control.

    Derek Newell
  • The '70s. 1970-1979 encompasses the end of Vietnam, the end of the Beatles revolution, disco, Dirty Harry, etc. The highs and lows of American culture and how other parts of the world reacted to the USA. Plus, I want to see good disco-dancing zombies covering a Weird Al tune.

    Roger M.

The French Connection:

  • I’d enjoy a game set during the Paris Commune in 1871. It would provide for a great political atmosphere and its short existence means that the game could cover the entire revolt. Also, if the developers put extensive research into the radicalization of the population, the characters’ motives would really provide for an immersive world.

    Adam Hydock
  • Without a doubt, Napoleon's French campaign into Egypt is rife with untold stories. Imagine being a noble French gentleman forging the Nile, rediscovering the pyramids, and exploring a haunted sarcophagus (all while sipping tea). Not only would you be an explorer, but a soldier as well! Imagine fighting the ancient Ottomans as they march in waves against your ranks, only to discover that the chaps of the British Royal Navy are helping the Ottomans, just so they can burn your precious baguettes. Though France eventually failed their conquest, the drama of high-class Europe clashing with ancient civilizations is something I would love to play...as I sit back and sip on my own tea.

    Stephen Caldwell

A Cyber-Punk Future:

  • I would love to see more steam-punk and cyber-punk free-roam games like Remember Me. It's a beautiful game as far as looks and style, but it should have been in an open-world city. After Destiny comes out, I don't think I will play any other game except for maybe The Division.

    Brandon G.
  • The very specific niche that Bladerunner created seems to be rarely explored in games and this is my all-time favorite "feel" for a game. There was that Bladerunner PC game back in the day and then the only thing since then I would put in this category is the Mass Effect trilogy. The music and the "feel" of Mass Effect brilliantly taps into the best of Bladerunner while giving birth to its own uniqueness. This is why I'm crazy excited for Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Project Red. Even though they haven't shown much, the writer talks about his love for Bladerunner's atmosphere and I can't wait to throw my money at this game. So why are there so few games in this category? If I could have it my way, every developer would be asking themselves, "What's our next Bladerunner-inspired IP gonna be?" Instead of, "How can we copy that COD formula everyone's tired of?"

    Chris Mcdonnell

Apocalypse Now:

  • You often hear of the post-apocalyptic setting being worn out and overused, but coming into this new generation of consoles that are full of potential, I would love for another chance to visit a dense and broken world full of chaos and discovery, choosing whether or not to take advantage of the vulnerable society for my own profit, or defend and rebuild what society there is left. Everybody loves to bring up how overused the setting is, but it holds some of the greatest potential to create a powerful, emotional, exciting, and compelling world.

    Erik Roosendahl

A History Lesson:

  • I would like to see the time period of ancient civilizations used more in games. Not something like Renaissance-era Italy or colonial America (no offense, Assassin's Creed). I mean along the lines of the Mayans and Aztecs. Maybe even a representation of mythology would be interesting.

    Calvin Mahony
  • I would like to see a video game set in Judea A.D. 30. Why? It's never been done, and I wrote an 800 page script for it.

    Tim Larkin

A Land Before Time:

  • Dinosaurs! Well, that's not entirely correct…I guess the Triassic or Jurassic time period – but we need more games that have dinosaurs in them. Don't get me wrong, aliens, monsters, and zombies are great, but it's time for dinosaurs to have their 15 minutes of fame.

    Romie Garza
  • I would really like to see a dinosaur environment that's done correctly. I've never played a good dinosaur game before and being an avid Jurassic Park fan, that really upsets me.

    Logan Bryon
  • I would like developers to put us in the dinosaur era. Heck, not even the era, just give us some dinos to fight!

    Tyler Oldfield
  • I'd like to see more games set in a hunter-gatherer era when everything was pretty primitive and religion was based off of things like all objects having souls and such. Battles would be cool because you fight with flint axes, knives, and bows and arrows. Or even earlier in the Ice Age.

    Everett Daniel

Mix And Match:

  • I would like to see more games that combine two different time periods. This is a wild example, but they could combine the old west with the age of pirates somehow.

    Travis Bohanan

Season's Greetings:

  • I would like to see seasons as a setting/time period. I am a big RPG fan and have never played or seen a game that utilized the seasons of a planet. Its like every game planet I visit the world just sits still and rotates for day and night. I want to see a true nuclear winter and swimsuit summer nights in the same game as you play. Picture killing off hordes of June-bug related insects and then a snowmen army that plagues the land in the winter. Its not hard, winter/summer specific enemies and quests, and every loadable area has at least two settings; winter and summer.

    Dave Lamoureux 

What time period or setting would you like to see in a video game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.