As we hide and discover eggs in celebration of Easter today, it’s the perfect opportunity to talk about some of my favorite hidden secrets in video games.

Minecraft In Borderlands 2
Minecraft is referenced in everything these days. It’s almost a requirement if you release an independent game, that you have at least one Minecraft reference in it. I think it’s part of Steam’s approval process.

Despite this, it was still very surprising to see the extensive Minecraft Easter Egg in Borderlands 2 – a game that is far from being an indie title. Its implementation was also impressive, as a whole small area received a full Minecraft makeover.

Lost In Just Cause 2
I am a big fan of the show Lost, and even devoted a full feature to its many references as they have appeared in video games, which you can read about here, and Just Cause 2 has an awesome one.

In Just Cause 2 there is an island that cannot be fast traveled to that will cause your plane to explode if you fly near it. You can also find a hatch on the island like the one featured in the show, and an undefeatable enemy that spews smoke.

Samus’ Ship In Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
It’s the most recent Easter Egg on this list, and one I can not claim to have discovered on my own. In one of the game’s bonus levels, Busted Bayou, it is possible to find Samus’ ship crashed in the trees of the background.

I love the lore possibilities behind this Easter Egg. Why has Samus’ ship crashed? And why has it crashed on whatever planet Donkey Kong and his pals live on? It’s also exciting because we haven’t heard much in terms of a new entry for the Metroid series in quite a while, and Tropical Freeze’s developer, Retro, created the Metroid Prime series. Maybe this is its way of hinting at a new entry? I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Half-Life's Borealis In Portal 2
I love the extended fiction of the Half-Life and Portal universe, and will always be enamored with the fact that the two overlap – even if it is only slightly. A boat called the Borealis is mentioned during the end of Half-Life 2: Episode 2, and though it’s never made entirely clear exactly why, it is made clear that it is very important.

When I ran across the area in Portal 2 where the Borealis was previously docked, I could barely contain my excitement. But then I remembered I wouldn’t be getting more answers about the ship until the release of Half-Life 3, which could be very far away, if it ever comes at all.

Street Fighter's Hadouken In Mega Man X
After getting all the upgrade capsules and heart pieces in Mega Man X, it is possible to unlock the Hadouken for X to use in combat in the original Mega Man X. The reason I appreciate this Easter Egg so much is because I had heard of its existence pre-internet and the complicated process necessary to discover it made me quickly write it off as impossible rumor.

It took taking my Super Nintendo with me, despite my parent’s protests, to a rented beach house one summer vacation. We met some kids down the street (who were also from out of town) who assured me that it was a real thing. It was only after they demonstrated it for me that I finally declared faith in its existence.

What are some of your favorite Easter Eggs in video games? You can see some more impressive Easter Eggs by heading here.