90s Arcade Racer - Undated
This racer combines the bright colors and style of the eponymous 90s arcade racers with modern car physics. 

Affordable Space Adventures - Undated
The Wii U’s gamepad will be put to good use, as players control a struggling ship with systems that slowly come back online. As more functions become available, the gamepad will start to light up with controls.

Art of Balance - Undated
A gamepad-based physics puzzler you play with your stylus.

Nihilumbra - Undated
A puzzle platformer that began its life as a mobile title, before making the jump to PC and, coming soon, Wii U. 

QUBE: Directors Cut - Undated
QUBE is a 3D puzzler that gives players the power to manipulate their environments. Challenges include jigsaw puzzles, platforming, and physics-based scenarios. 

SlashDash - Undated
SlashDash is a 2v2 arena fighter that puts players in the role of teleporting, kunai-throwing ninja. Unlike most throwback arena titles, SlashDash is focused on capture the flag instead of kills.