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2014's Upcoming Xbox One Games

Awesomenauts Assemble - Undated
Ronimo's side-scrolling MOBA will be coming to its fifth platform. 

Aztez - Undated
One part strategy sim, one part beat 'em up, Aztez puts players in charge of the Aztec empire. 

Calibre 10 Racing Series - Undated
The spiritual successor to Harm's Way, this title combines racing and first-person shooting. 

Castlestorm - Undated
Zen Studios' physics-based castle building (and destruction) title. 

Chariot - Undated
A couch-op platformer with physics elements. Players are carrying the dead king to his tomb while fending off looters.

Chuck's Challenge 3D - Undated
A puzzler from the mind behind Chip's Challenge. 

Defense Grid 2 - Undated
The sequel to Hidden Path’s PC/Xbox 360 tower defense title was adored by fans and critics. The sequel adds new towers, new aliens, and some clever multiplayer modes.

Divekick Addition Edition - Undated
An updated version of the two-button fighter from Iron Galaxy Studios. 

Dungeon of the Endless - Undated
Roguelike meets tower defense in this PC-turned-Xbox One title.

The Elder Scrolls Online - Undated
Bethesda’s first MMO successfully launched on PC on April. Console fans will get their hands on it as early as late 2014.

Forced - Undated
A multiplayer arcade action game in the spirit of Gauntlet. 

Fru - Undated
One of the only ID@Xbox Kinect titles we’ve seen requires players to move around in order to assist the hero in reaching his destination. Little puzzles like using your silhouette to connect a key and a locked door will encourage players to stretch and move.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions - Undated
Activision's resurrected Sierra label will kick off with Lucid Games' Geometry Wars revival. 

Goat Simulator - Undated
The wacky, wild game from Coffee Stain Studios is making the twisted jump from PC to Xbox One. 

Grand Theft Auto V - Undated
The long-awaited new-gen update to Grand Theft Auto is coming this fall.

Gunscape - Undated
A first-person shooter construction kit that gives players the tools to build and populate maps. 

Habitat - Undated
With Earth being consumed by nanomachines, players will build space stations out of junk rocketed into orbit. The goal is to build shelter for refugees from the planet surface. 

Hyper Light Drifter - Undated
Heart Machine’s upcoming title is deceptive. The pixelated aesthetic hides a deep experience with multiple abilities and challenging enemies.

IDARB (It Draws a Red Box) - Undated
With character (and possibly arena) customization, this latest entry in the growing throwback “genre” is targeting a competitive community. Two teams of four compete to score goals in this sports-infused arena title.

Just Dance 2015 - Undated
Ubisoft's annual dance franchise is a huge seller, and it's no wonder it'll be back. 

Kickbeat - Undated
Zen Studios music-meets-kung fu title.

The Last Tinker - Undated
An action platformer that tasks players with resorting color (and peace) to TinkerTown.

Ori and the Blind Forest - Undated
This E3 surprise is features an ethereal art style and gameplay akin to Metroid.  

Payday 2: Crimewave Edition - Undated
Overkill and 505 are giving this co-op crime fantasy some spit and polish for new-gen consoles.  

Pinball Arcade - Undated
Recreations of classic pinball tables. 

QUBE: Directors Cut - Undated
QUBE is a 3D puzzler that gives players the power to manipulate their environments. Challenges include jigsaw puzzles, platforming, and physics-based scenarios. 

Riptide GP2 - Undated
An aquatic racing game with advanced water physics. 

SlashDash - Undated
SlashDash is a 2v2 arena fighter that puts players in the role of teleporting, kunai-throwing ninja. Unlike most throwback arena titles, SlashDash is focused on capture the flag instead of kills.

Spectra: 8-bit Racing - Undated
A fast-paced racer with music from the composer of Super Hexagon's soundtrack. 

Styx: Master of Shadows - October
Not all assassins are handsome and cloaked in white.  

The Walking Dead Season One - October
Telltale is bringing Lee and Clementine to new-gen systems.

The Walking Dead Season Two - October
The award-winning series continues later this year in a full, retail package. 

Wulverblade - Undated
A cartoon-style, side-scrolling beat ‘em up from Darkwind Media. Inspiration is drawn from Streets of Rage and its ilk.

The Wolf Among Us - November
Telltale's take on the Fables comic series will be coming to retail. 


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