It's rare that I finish a game and immediately wonder about DLC, but as soon as I finished Infamous: Second Son, I wanted see more of Fetch. It felt like my time with her ended way too soon.

Fetch, aka Abigail Walker, is my favorite character in Infamous: Second Son, so I was bummed that I didn't get to see more of her. I understand it's Delsin's journey, so it makes sense that she took a backseat in the story. I'm really glad she was there to help going into the final fight, but I couldn't get around just how much I wished for more exploration of her backstory or more time running around town with her. Fetch made every scene for me. With such a captivating character, I think Sucker Punch would be foolish not to bring her back in some capacity.

Why She's Interesting

I like Fetch because she's got moxie and isn't afraid to speak her mind or go with her gut. Growing up on the streets taught her how to fend for herself, and she's had to grow up fast. It's immediately evident that Fetch has already lived so much in her short life, facing a drug addiction and the death of her brother as a result. She's a woman scorned, and that's what leads her on her quest to take out numerous drug dealers in the city. She wants to make sure her brother's death isn't in vain and that drugs don't wreck more lives.

Delsin says it best when he tells Fetch, "You're a sentimental psychopath, aren't you?" She's reckless and unpredictable, but under it, you can tell her heart is in the right place. She can act as badass as she wants, but you know deep down she's in a world of hurt getting over her brother's death and coping with her powers. For the most part, she makes the most of situations and indulges in her powers. You can't really blame her for wanting to have some fun. I also like how her superpower, which allows her to manipulate neon lights matches her erratic personality. She can rush through the sky and city with her neon speed. However, she also leaves traces of the bright colors as she rushes ahead, like she's leaving a mark, making her presence known. It's fitting. After all, Fetch doesn't blend in a crowd; she stands out.

How Sucker Punch Could Bring Her Back

Right now, DLC seems like the easiest choice for bringing her back. Personally, I wouldn't mind her having her own game, but I know to temper my expectations. Sucker Punch could definitely create prequel content for her, and even that's brimming with various ideas. They could go back to her time as a junkie and we could explore more of her relationship with her brother, who obviously meant so much to her. It could lead up to his accidental death, which has the potential to be a powerful moment. Another possibility is to visit those few weeks before she met Delsin. After all, she took out 21 dealers in two weeks as a tribute to her brother, while hiding out behind an Olaf's Sea Shack billboard that she also used as her own sniper's nest. Seeing how she survived and letting players decide how far she'll go to avenge her brother would be interesting.

Why Fetch Deserves Another Shot

What's disappointing about Infamous: Second Son is the story doesn't make good use of Fetch. The experience is really about the powers and being able to run amok the city as Deslin and his thirst for revenge. Supporting roles are important to any story and the fact that Fetch is so likeable from the get-go makes it even more disappointing that we don't see her much or learn more about her. All we know is that she's had a rough life, doesn't take any guff, and lives life on her own terms. So I think anything that fleshes out her character a bit more could really be beneficial. She's got style, attitude, but I want to know more than that. And Sucker Punch set up some story beats to have her be more than that, especially with her brother's death. Sucker Punch just needs to take it a step further.

Get a glimpse into Fetch's personality in the video below:

What did you think of Fetch? Would you like to see her brought back?