When we visited Obsidian for our January 2012 cover story, the development of the game was fairly early on. In fact, it didn't even have its subtitle yet (we were told to refer to it as South park: The Video Game for our story). As such, we were shown a good amount of material that didn't make its way into the full release that came out earlier this month. One such example is the fight against vampire kids that's shown above in our header image. We watched Obsidian developers fight through a cemetery and into a church, taking down the mopey faction in the process. Read on to see more examples of cut content.

The Underpants Gnomes/Crab People Kingdom

While there is a brief Underpants Gnomes-related section of The Stick of Truth, we barely saw any references to the Crab People outside of one that lived in the sewers. Original plans were clearly more extensive, as evidenced by the demilitarized zone above. It looks like plans for a cross-species war never came to be.

Hippie enemies

We fought plenty of homeless people, gingers, and every kind of Nazi in The Stick of Truth, but we never got to beat down these smelly goobers.