As part of our month-long coverage of Batman: Arkham Knight, we dug into the possible identities of the new villain character Arkham Knight. However, we weren't able to show a very good look at him. The previous imagery was shrouded in shadows. Now Warner Bros. has released several screens of the Arkham Knight in plain sight.

Click on the picture below to blow up the image and check out all the details on the character's suit. Notice the strange glowing eyes, the tactical armor, and the SWAT-like accessories and pants. Living up to the name, he's got an Arkham "A" on his chest. While his identity is still a mystery, it's great to be able to study the character again since we haven't seen him since the cover trip many weeks ago.

Browse through the screenshot gallery below to see the Arkham Knight in action, including a scene that looks very bad for the Dark Knight. Also included are shots of Batman, Gordon, the Batmobile, and the iconic Batsymbol. Give them a look and post your comments below.


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