Ground Zeroes has a few different things you can collect, but if you want to unlock the console-exclusive missions ("Deja Vu" on Sony's systems and "Jamais Vu" on Microsoft's), you should focus on collecting all of the XOF patches first. There are nine in all, and we can help you find them.

It should be noted that these patches carry over across multiple playthroughs, so you can grab them all over time. If you die after collecting a patch, but before the game has autosaved, you will need to recollect it. If you're having trouble seeing them on the ground, try putting on your night vision goggles. 

With that being said, this video gives shows the locations of all nine patches, complete with a reference to the in-game map. 

If you prefer a checklist, here are the locations in the order from the video:

1) Behind Snake near the ledge at the start of the mission.
2) Do multiple rolls while laying down (can be performed anywhere).
3) Near the grouping of tents to the left once you enter the camp's main gate. On a pile of trash.
4) Just south of the heliport on top of a transformer in a fenced-in area. 
5) In a puddle between the second and third landing areas on the helipad. 
6) On a fan on top of a building in an alley in the walled-off area to the north. You need to climb and jump to reach it.
7) Near the wall on the north side of the helipad, a grate on the ground has been removed. Hop in to find the patch.  
8) On top of a security station at the bottom of a hill, a short distance from the prisoners in cages.
9) Right at the entrance to the area with the cages, on the ground.

For more on Ground Zeroes, check out our review. If you have any tips for other players hunting down the XOF patches, feel free to leave them in the comments below.