A few months ago, we asked readers which new-gen controller is better, Sony's DualShock 4, or the Xbox One controller. While both controllers received plenty of love, the DualShock 4 netted 60% of the vote. Here are some of the responses.

(Dual)Shock And Awe:

  • I bought the PS4 and Xbox One both on launch night so I've had ample time with each. From what I've played, the PS4 controller is hands down the best controller of the two.  Furthermore, I have severe arthritis in my right wrist and playing the PS4 controller hurts my wrist a lot less than Xbox One does.  

    Benaiah Burns
  • While both controllers share new, similar features and retain similar layouts to their predecessors, I have to say that I prefer the DualShock 4 to the Xbox One controller. I've used both controllers, and so far the DualShock 4 simply feels sturdier, while sadly, the Xbox One controller feels a bit plastic-y in my opinion, almost the way a third-party controller feels when you first open it. I'm a hardcore Microsoft guy, but I have to give it to Sony this time; they have the better controller.

    Chris Grover
  • Hands down, the PS4 controller rocks. Xbox One controller is good too, but I prefer the DualShock 4; it feels good to hold. The only down side is the battery life is not that good; after about five hours of gameplay, it's dead. But I still love it.

    Brian Robles
  • The PlayStation 4 has the better controller because the triggers are more comfortable. It is also more comfortable to have the joysticks at the same level and the size of the controller complements the hands better, unlike the Xbox One controller, which makes my hands start to cramp.

    Cosimo Borgogni
  • I believe the PlayStation 4 controller is better. A lot of innovation went into the final product, and it just feels right in my hands. The touch pad in the middle of the controller is pretty cool, and I can't wait to see developers incorporate it into upcoming games. The analog sticks are wonderful; the raised edges eliminate minor slips. The only bad thing...I miss the start and select buttons.

    Jordan Yearsley
  • I feel that the DualShock 4 is a better controller because I feel my hands respond well to the shape and feel of the controller. Also, the Xbox One controller's analog sticks feel loose. I find myself aiming up and to the right in shooters. I don’t have this problem with the DualShock 4.

    Darnell Berry
  • I believe that the PS4 controller is much better for several reasons. The sticks are much firmer and don’t have any dead zone; every button can be reached without stretching or moving your fingers into uncomfortable places; the touch pad is one of the most innovative and power features ever added to a controller, and is incredibly responsive; and the triggers are throttle, not on/off triggers. Overall, the controller is responsive, powerful, and sturdy. In summary, I love it.

    Braxton Terry 

Number One:

  • In my opinion, the Xbox One has the better controller. I was fortunate enough to purchase both consoles at launch. While the DualShock 4 is a major improvement over the DualShock 3, Microsoft still has the advantage. The controller just feels more comfortable to me personally. I also think the DualShock’s light wasn't a wise choice as it drains the battery at a much more accelerated pace than I would like.    

    Cedric Jenkins
  • The Xbox One controller wins. I own both consoles; The DualShock 4 is the most improved, but in the end it doesn't match the high bar set by the Xbox One controller, with its battery life, ergonomics, and haptic triggers.

    Robbie Brar
  • Although the PS4 tried to make an adjustment to its joysticks with the concave tops on the analogue sticks, they still missed it. Xbox One's joysticks are far more comfortable to the thumbs and therefore, Xbox One has the best overall controller.

    Russell Halterman
  • The Xbox One controller wins this one, albeit not by much. Both controllers are exceptional in both comfort and functionality, but the more rigid thumbsticks and the innovation of haptic feedback in the triggers gives the Xbox One controller the edge. The DualShock4 is a significant improvement over the DualShock 3, but it feels a bit too small, and until more games utilize that touch pad, it remains a largely useless peripheral.

    Howie Blatz
  • I like them both for different things. The DualShock 4 controller has the touch pad, and I can’t wait to see what developer do with it. The Xbox One controller just has a better feel to it; pressing down on the triggers feels silky smooth and they give you a tug every once in a while. I feel the Xbox One controller edges out the DualShock 4 when it come to the comfort factor.

    Luis E. Ortiz

Handle With Care?:

  • I would have to say the Xbox One controller. I believe this because it contours to and rests easier in your hand, more so than the DualShock 4 does. The PlayStation 4 controller just feels too light and fragile to do anything with. It makes me nervous to use it, therefore hindering my confidence and focus on the game that I am playing. While the touch pad on the PlayStation 4 controller is innovative, that’s about the only thing that really gives it a more fluid feel.

    Kristano McKenith

Get A Grip:

  • Although I own a PlayStation 4, the Xbox One does have a great-feeling controller that I do like a lot. The analog sticks on the Xbox One feel absolutely great with the grips they have on the sticks. But I love the PS4 controller, thanks to a grip pack I bought online. But it's frustrating because I just wish that companies could realize that for the people with sweaty hands, they could possibly produce a controller that has a grip built in to the controller. I mean honestly, that would be the best thing ever created! So for now, I think Xbox One.

    Adam Usry

Say What?:

  • I think it the Xbox one remote with the feeling the controls

    Collin Allen

"That Guy":

  • I’m going to be that guy and say the Wii U GamePad. Before you put me under "Worst Way to Open a Letter," here me out. The GamePad is clunky and way bigger than other controllers, but its second screen has actually helped me out a lot and makes me enjoy the games I play more. I've had friends over to play games on the Wii U and they all were really surprised at how light it is despite its size, and how the touchscreen is a huge help in games like Splinter Cell. I'm not saying the Xbox One and PS4 controllers aren't good, but I prefer the GamePad.

    Bradly A. Taylor

Which controller do you think is better? Share your thoughts in the comments below!