Best Competitive Multiplayer: Battlefield 4

We know what some of you are thinking – "All I do is read about this game being broken, so how could it even be in the running for best competitive shooter?" The reality is with Call of Duty playing it safe and scarce other options, the competitive multiplayer landscape was seriously devoid of innovation in 2013. Despite its technical difficulties and some balancing issues Battlefield 4 rose to the top of this disappointing category for bringing 64-player battles to consoles and introducing a fun new game mode, Obliteration. When it works (and several of us have experienced gaming sessions uninterrupted by crashes) no game that released in 2013 offers a better suite of options for shooter fans.

Best Multiplayer Map: Guilin Peaks – Battlefield 4

Recalling the map design of Bad Company 2's Vietnam expansion (arguably the some best maps of this console generation), this map from the China Rising pack features varied elevations and pockets of jungle foliage that can protect infantry from camping snipers. A network of caves runs through mountain in the center of the map, and players can either hop on a chopper or grab a dirt bike to cruise between capture points in the foothills. As a bonus to skilled chopper pilots, this is the only map that gives players a new twist on the Air Superiority mode, pitting choppers against one another instead of jets.  

Shooter Of The Year: BioShock Infinite

Irrational Games's soaring BioShock sequel claims our 2013 shooter of the year award thanks to its gorgeously realized world, compelling characters, and intriguing narrative. Exploring the floating city of Columbia is a reward in itself, and watching the drama unfold between Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth is an unforgettable experience that will live with us for several years.