Best Shooter: BioShock Infinite

Irrational Games's soaring BioShock sequel claims our 2013 shooter of the year award thanks to its gorgeously realized world, compelling characters, and mind-bending narrative. Exploring the floating city of Columbia is a reward in itself, and watching the drama unfold between Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth is an unforgettable experience that will live with us for several years. 

Best Simulation: Papers, Please

Working a border checkpoint for a totalitarian regime sounds like a terrible game idea, but Lucas Pope took this simple concept and turned it into an entertaining and harrowing experience unlike any other. Checking passports for inconsistencies under the scrutiny of your superiors is intense knowing that every mistake will hurt your ability to provide for you family, and the colorful cast of characters you meeting on the job kept us coming back. 

Best Sports: FIFA 14

Game Informer's best sports game for the third year running, FIFA 14 defends its title with strong gameplay that improves shot taking, expanded career options, and stable online play. Given the impressive run this dynasty is making, other sports titles (including EA's own Madden and NHL) have a long ways to go to unseat it as the best of the best.

Best Strategy: Dota 2

Another shoo-in award for Valve's impressive MOBA. Daunting at first, Dota 2 rewards players for patience as they discover the intricacies its workings. As you learn the ropes of the most popular game on Steam, you come to appreciate the flexibility and strategic depth this game offers. 

Best Downloadable Content: Mass Effect 3: Citadel

Offering players one last hurrah as Commander Shepard, Citadel gave us a chance reconnect with the cast we became so attached to over the course of the sci-fi trilogy. Being surrounded by your crew and offering them a bittersweet farewell was an offer too good to refuse. 

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