Telltale recently released season two’s first episode, All That Remains, and it left plenty of hints for what Clementine’s about to face. Using all I know about The Walking Dead’s unfair world and its ability to shock, I dissected the opener to share my hopes and fears about what’s on the horizon.

Spoilers ahead, especially regarding season two’s first episode.

Christa’s Future

Many of us had a feeling Christa and Omid would be back for season two, but Omid’s departure within the opener's first minutes was heartbreaking. Since then, we’ve seen a different Christa; one that’s defeated. Then Clementine and Christa got separated when a group of survivors attacked Christa. My gut tells me Christa is still alive, although the screams and gunfire during that sequence are definitely there to cast doubt. I’m hoping Christa’s still alive, because she needs to find something...or someone to live for again. I believe that’s Clementine.

Not to mention, Christa who was pregnant when the episode began, didn’t have any child in sight when the episode flashed forward well over a year. This is an absence that needs further explanation. Did she miscarry? Could she not handle having a child that reminded her of Omid? Did something happen to the child? The zombie apocalypse is full of bleak possibilities, especially when it comes to children. I fear what happened, but I need to know. That’s part of why I’m confident we haven’t seen the last of Christa. And when she does surface, how will she handle Clementine joining a new group? I see conflict abound in the future.

The Truth About Sarah

Seeing Clementine interact with another child was refreshing, but something felt off about Sarah. At first, I chalked it up to loneliness and not having another kid around, but then Sarah referred to Clementine as the same age as her. That was red flag number one, since Sarah’s clearly much older. Then, her father dropped some hints to Clementine about how Sarah’s “not like her.” Basically, saying she doesn’t know the horrors of the world and it would absolutely break her. I find it hard to believe Sarah is ignorant to what’s going on, but it did get me thinking that Sarah is facing something. Maybe she has a developmental delay or it’s the product of overprotective parenting, but more is there than Telltale is letting on. I’d love for Clementine to get to the bottom of it and teach Sarah some survival skills, because I do worry about Sarah’s fate. If she can’t protect herself, she’s a goner. And I’d hate to see Clementine have to see another young fatality. After all, Duck’s death was hard enough.

Rebecca’s Revenge

Clementine uncovered some damaging information about Rebecca’s baby daddy. It may not be her significant other, Alvin’s child. I feel bad for the guy, considering he seems like a good soul. But if Rebecca is so worried about what’s to be uncovered when the baby is born, it means the baby must be a different race than Alvin. Is it someone in the group, or someone else she met along the way? Rebecca has more to her story, but she is also one of the most selfish and uncompassionate characters we’ve encountered. This makes me wonder what she’s capable of, especially if she’s aware Clementine knows the truth. If she’s that heartless to Clementine already, she could do something unspeakable to her. I hope Clementine’s smart enough to stay out of her way.

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