Certain characters bring out the best in one another. Video games offer even more unique circumstances for duos to capitalize on each others' strengths and weaknesses. Beyond just story riffs, a pair's assets can also extend to gameplay. We look back on some of the most memorable ones this year.

Note: List is no specific order.

Booker and Elizabeth – BioShock Infinite

Everyone needs a little enlightening, but it turns out Booker DeWitt needs a lot of it. Elizabeth is the voice of reason in their journey through Columbia, making Booker question things he never considered. These two learn to trust each other along way, which makes the big reveal all the more effective. Let’s just say we all need someone to slap us with a dose of reality, and that’s why Booker and Elizabeth’s partnership is so well-done. 

 Joel and Ellie –  The Last of Us

Ellie and Joel help each other along the way in more ways than one in The Last of Us. Whether they’re aiding each other in battle at just the right moment or forcing each other to confront hard truths from their past, they’re what true companionship is all about. Joel learns to care about someone again through Ellie, and Ellie becomes a stronger person due to Joel’s influence. But perhaps, this duo is strongest because of the question their companionship provokes: Just how far would you go to keep someone you love at your side?

 Chase McCain and Frank Honey –  Lego City Undercover

Chase McCain is the straight-laced hero of Lego City Undercover. Frank Honey is his hilarious foil. Not only is it comical that whenever McCain calls on him on the phone, he has to say, "Hey honey," but Honey worships the ground McCain walks on, like the adoring fan from Skyrim. Honey is a just a big goofball, who's clumsy with ladies and calls computers, "compupers." Watching Honey, a guy you wonder how he ever became a police officer because he's so daft and unintelligent, interact with the heroic and well-versed McCain is a highlight in Lego City Undercover. 

 Little Brother and Older Brother –  Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers fight and strive to separate themselves from one another. In A Tale of Two Sons, both of these brothers have also the difficult journey to save their ill father on their shoulders. Along the way, we see them bicker, try to prove their worth to one another, and ultimately work together for a common goal. However, it’s how you see the impact of what they’ve learned from one another that really makes this relationship hit home. Sometimes the people in our lives make us stronger, and we don’t always realize it until we face an obstacle we never thought we could conquer.