There's a war being waged on Christmas, and I'm not talking about the one that political pundits are always blabbing about – this one is real, and some of our favorite video game characters are behind it. Don't believe me? Check out this incontrovertible evidence.

Exhibit A: Mario Beheaded Frosty The Snowman
And we thought Frosty had it bad when Professor Hinkle locked him in that greenhouse. Turns out that was only the prelude to Mario decapitating him and sticking his head on some kind of creepy shrine. Unfortunately, Frosty is only the first casualty of the war on Christmas.

Exhibit B: Minecraft Steve Burned Down All The Christmas Trees
We don't know who this jerk Steve is and we're pretty sure we didn't invite him into our world, but the first thing he did when he got inside was burn down all of our trees. Looks like we'll have to put our presents under that dumb floor plant we always forget to water.

Exhibit C: Nathan Drake Ate All The Christmas Cookies
He also ate the Christmas ham, Christmas goose, Christmas pies, and everything else he could get his hands on. However, you've got to give Drake props; despite the added weight, he's still incredibly agile.

Exhibit D: The 3rd Street Saints Stole Our Christmas Stockings
The Saints are loaded, but that didn't stop them from going around and stealing everybody's stockings. Aren't the Saints supposed to be the good guys? If you can't trust violent gang members nowadays, who can you trust?

Exhibit E: Skyrim's Dragonborn Stole Everyone's Presents
Apparently greed is one of the prerequisites for being a Dragonborn, because this jerk has selfishly hoarded every cool present you could ever hope to get on Christmas. If there's any justice in the world, Minecraft Steve will show up and burn his house down.

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