In the world of video games, the only way to store your valuable goods is in a chest. Bank protected lock-boxes simply do not exist, and the chests must be placed somewhere dangerous, preferably requiring puzzle solving or a certain number of enemies defeated in order to gain access. We love seeking them out, we love opening them, and we love listing our favorites.

Presumably, you're opening presents today, or will be, or have recently, and as a way of celebrating, we're looking at some of the best chest openings in video games.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Link has been, and I assume he will be, opening chests to uncover goodies for years and for many more years to come. Something about the animation that accompanies opening chests in Ocarina of Time takes the cake, though. I think it's the way he has to nearly hop into the wooden box to retrieve whatever is inside that makes it so charming.

God of War III

Kratos delivers impossible feats of strength on a minute-to-minute basis. He can lift gigantic creatures and stone structures, tear the fingernail off of a titan, and even rip the head off of a god, but nothing seems to offer him the same consistent struggle as opening a chest. He always seems to have a hard time accessing his bonus red orbs, grunting frantically as he tries to open a box. I guess he just likes to save his strength for the important stuff.

Ninja Gaiden

Ryu Hayabusa's swift kick used to open chests has always done a good job of defining his character. Sure, he could easily lean over to open the chest and inspect its contents, but he doesn't have time for that. He has to kick the crap out of it, and move on.

Darksiders II

Death doesn't just open chests. That's how mortals do things. Death obliterates chests with his magical floaty-arms, which I believe is their canon designation. It's too bad he can't use those ares for other tasks, like reaching through bars to grab an out-of-reach item, or for pulling himself onto a high ledge. The floaty arms are for violently opening chests only.

Aliens Versus Predator

In the 1999 PC game, players were afforded the opportunity to play as a chest buster, and it did exactly as its name implied. The chest buster does not open chests, climb into them like an adorable child, strain against their might, kick them, or break them with magic floaty arms – he bursts them.

Obviously there are more, but these are our favorite. Are there more memorable chest openings that should be included here?