Gran Turismo 6 is filled with races of all makes and sizes, but it's good to get off the career path to sample some of these smaller challenges.

GT 6 offers side races for trophies and cash in a few different places. There are Special Events (Goodwood Festival of Speed and Lunar Exploration), Coffee Breaks, Mission Races, and One-Make Races. These are sprinkled throughout the game and become available as you earn a specific number of stars via career races or open up different tiers in the mode.

One-Make races are self-explanatory, but Mission races vary in their objective. Sometimes they are just races between a certain class or make of car, others are based around the weather or time of day. Most of the game's special races will let you rent an appropriate car to use, while the One-Make contests require you to have a specific one in your garage.

Below are videos of some of the Goodwood and Coffee Break challenges.

Goodwood Festival of Speed Hillclimb

This isn't like an off-road hill climb with a steep elevation, but it's challenging nonetheless. You attack the same course over different challenges, but do so in different vehicles. This video features a GT40 Mark I '66, which is a fast car for the course. You're automatically disqualified for veering off the track onto the grass or hitting any of the objects alongside the road, which is where the challenge comes in. Due to this and the car's power, don't be afraid to hit the brakes.

Coffee Break Obstacle Course Challenge

This coffee break is from the International A tier, and tasks you with completing a lap without hitting any cones or obstacles. You attempt this in an X-BOW R '12, which is pretty grippy for the sharp brakes and turns you'll have to perform. Earlier coffee breaks have you knock over as many cones as you can in a set amount of time.

Coffee Break Drift Challenge

This is the first of three drift challenges, and drifting is a skill that I'm not particularly good at. It requires fine coordination of your handbrake, regular brake, steering, and throttle – you can't just yank the handbrake to get loose for a lot of points. Tip: the closer the nose of  your car is to the rumblestrip on the inside turn, the more points you'll get.

Bonus Race!

Here's a video of one of the career races at the Matterhorn track, one of my favorites because of the drop in elevation in the middle and the really tight turns towards the end. It wasn't pretty, but I bulled my way to first!