Halloween is all about the costumes, but video game characters don't need a holiday as an excuse to dress up in different clothing. Alternate costumes and character skins are a common extra feature, putting a slightly different twist on the action for gamers who enjoy multiple playthroughs. This list highlights the best of the bunch – new outfits that change the look and feel of the characters, and can even alter the gameplay.

10. Nelo Angelo – Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition

Players who complete hard mode as Vergil unlock the "Corrupt Vergil" character skin. In addition to some visual differences, this incarnation uses the Nelo Angelo (Vergil's form from the original Devil May Cry) as its devil trigger form. Players are able to use all of Nelo Angelo's signature abilities, like energy blasts and summoned swords. From a fan perspective, the ability to storm around as this intimidating figure is a dream come true.

9. Mascot – Bully

Nothing shows your school spirit like becoming the Bullworth Bullhorns' mascot and traipsing around campus. Unlocked in the lead-up to a hilarious mission that has Jimmy Hopkins sabotaging the big football game, this get-up allows players to perform the mascot's signature cow dance for nearby students. It may not make Jimmy the most popular student, but the mascot suit still delivers the laughs.

8. Raiden – Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

In a rare instance of cross-publisher cameos, Ezio can take on the appearance of cyborg Raiden from Konami's Metal Gear Solid series. By performing well on virtual training challenges, players earn this anachronistic outfit. Despite Raiden's typical array of weapons and abilities, Ezio doesn't gain any additional powers while wearing the cyber-suit. However, just seeing this futuristic warrior climbing around Rome is worth the effort.

7. The Amazing Bag Man – Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions

This obscure and humiliating outfit has only appeared a handful of times in the Spider-Man universe – primarily when the webslinger loses his regular suit. Borrowing some spare clothes from the Fantastic Four and hiding his identity with a paper bag, Peter Parker is able to keep his identity a secret. The suit even has a "kick me" sign on the back. Kudos to developer Beenox for including this bizarre and amusing reference in Shattered Dimensions. 

6. Cod of War – God of War II

Kratos is much less intimidating dressed as a fish...especially since he also wields fish hooks instead of his blades of chaos. In addition to making him look ridiculous, the Cod of War costume (unlocked by beating the game) also increases the value of red orbs. That means that players can upgrade skills faster at the expense of Kratos' dignity. 

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