Sega Game Gear (April, 1991) 

Launch Grade: C

Titles Available on Launch Day:
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, Columns (pack in game), G-LOC: Air Battle, Psychic World, Revenge of Drancon, Super Monaco GP

Nintendo SNES (September, 1991) 

Launch Grade: A-

Despite the presence of only three titles on launch day, the NES follow up didn't disappoint fans by packing in the legendary Super Mario World (which we gave a perfect 10 in a Classic GI review in 2000). 

Titles Available on Launch Day:
Super Mario World (pack-in game), F-Zero, Pilotwings


The 3DO (October, 1993) 

Launch Grade: C-

Titles Available on Launch Day:
Alone in the Dark, Myst, Star Control II

Atari Jaguar (November, 1993) 

Launch Grade: D

Titles Available on Launch Day:
Cybermorph (pack-in game), Raiden, Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy

Sega Saturn (May, 1995) 

Launch Grade: C+

The games available at the Saturn's launch were overshadowed by the debut of the system itself. Sega was planning a September release of the Saturn (dubbed "Saturnday") to go up against Sony's soon-to-launch PlayStation system, but decided to get a leg up by releasing the Saturn directly after Sega's E3 presentation in May. This surprised retailers and third-party publishers, which were preparing for a fall launch. This left the system with only six titles (all Sega-made) on day one.

Titles Available on Launch Day:
Clockwork Knight, Daytona USA, Panzer Dragoon, Pebble Beach Golf Links, Virtua Fighter (pack-in game), Worldwide Soccer