Longtime Game Informer friend Rob Fleischer, who worked for Agetec and Rockstar Games prior to hanging his hat as a partner at Sandbox Strategies, traveled to Minneapolis with nostalgia on his mind. His Proposal: We sit down for a few hours to play Top Shop, a long-forgotten video board game for PlayStation, created by Kindle Imagine Develop and published by Agetec's A1 Games. Rob didn't just work on the game; he's a playable character in it. We jumped at the opportunity to revisit this game, and decided to record our session as a bonus episode of Replay.

What you'll see in the video is only the introduction to our battle within the mall. Yes, this lengthy look is just a small slice of it. What you won't see is us circling the board for over three hours, with no one coming close to winning. Top Shop. Victory was only achieved when Rob, Jeff Cork, and Jason Oestreicher decided to gang up on me. I went bankrupt and the game came to an end. Who was the winner? Jeff Cork. His electronic stores sold ridiculously expensive DVD players.

Let us know what you think of this bonus episode. If you enjoyed it, we may release more of them for longer segments and games that may not make the cut for our regular show.

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