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The Kickstarter Compendium

Our regularly revised feature keeps you up to date on the Kickstarter games worth watching, and helps you track projects both before and after they’re funded.

Welcome to the Kickstarter Compendium, a gathering of games and game-related projects that we’ve come across that deserve your attention. The crowd-funding model for video games has resulted in some fascinating new game ideas, and new projects are going up on a weekly basis that deserve your attention. 

The only problem is keeping track of it all – what’s worth watching, and what are these different projects about? As an ongoing feature, our Kickstarter Compendium is your guide to games seeking funding through Kickstarter. After funding projects are complete, this feature will also track what games (and game-related projects) got funded and what games didn’t, and where possible, offer links to the projects as they are developed. 

[Editor's Note: This feature was co-written by Wayne Stainrook, Cameron Koch, Isaac Federspiel, Katie Seville, Liz Lanier, Kayla Herrera, Ali Rapp, Mike Mahardy, and Matt Miller.]

Games Seeking Funding

Catlateral Damage
Developer: Chris Chung/Fire Hose Games
Fundraising Goal: $40,000
Funds Due By: July 11

“Cel-shaded first-person cat simulator” is a phrase we never thought we’d type, but that is precisely the experience developer Chris Chung hopes to create with his game. In Catlateral Damage, you play as a housecat, and your primary form of interaction with the environment is pawing things off of shelves and desks. While the game allows players to perform “sillier” cat actions like meowing and coughing up hairballs, Catlateral Damage also incorporates power-ups, mission structure, and collectibles. The Kickstarter page even has a playable demo, should you find yourself unable to wait for some feline frolicking.

For My Brother
Developer: Crooked Tree Studios
Fundraising Goal: $150,000
Funds Due By: July 22

For My Brother is a 2.5D platformer about a young girl who transforms herself into a monster for the sake of her younger brother. Drawing inspiration from games like Shadow of the Colossus and Mega Man, Sister gains skills to navigate the environment and defeat monsters and bosses, but only at the cost of her humanity. Although For My Brother displays old-school influences in its mechanics, its Insular art style and fused Celtic/metal soundtrack set it apart from the crowd. For My Brother is in development for Windows, Mac and Linux, but Crooked Tree may bring the game to consoles through stretch goals.


Developer: En House Studios
Fundraising Goal: $10,000
Funds Due By: July 16

Combining the aesthetic of games like Superbrothers and the fighting mechanics of RPGs like Radiant Historia, Glitch is the story of a boy named Gus and his journey to close the Glitch, a rift in space with the power to destroy the world. Though Glitch borrows ideas from traditional RPG designs (characters like Tex the Robot and Nina the Rebel look very similar to ‘90s Squaresoft characters), it also mixes up the formula with ideas of its own. For example, Gus’s encounter with Glitch gives him the ability to communicate directly with you and he occasionally picks your brain as he progresses through Soren with his party. While the game will come to Windows, Mac and Linux if it receives minimum funding, En House lists Wii U, 3DS and PS Vita ports and a web comic as stretch goals.


Developer: Multivarious Games
Fundraising Goal: $15,000
Funds Due By: July 22

Our second punny title on this most recent edition of Kickstarter Compendium, Hatch-it is a puzzle game about a cubic robot who must rescue dinosaurs. With an asteroid hurtling toward Earth, Dr. Tyrannosaurus travels back in time and creates a charming robot to recover and hatch the scattered dinosaur eggs in order to save them from extinction. Players move the robot by swiping in the desired direction and must finish the level before running out of fuel or being destroyed by unfriendly dinosaurs. Slated for a fall 2014 release on iOS, a demo of Hatch-It is available on the game’s Kickstarter page.

Developer: Franklin Cosgrove & Archgame
Fundraising Goal: $15,000
Funds Due By: July 9

HomeMake features a shape-shifting, endless neon cityscape of Galaxy Seed Sumimoto, an inverted planet. Sumimoto is a subjective experience, and each trip around the planet as a different denizen reveals new perspectives of the city, each reflected in the changing architecture between avatars. On top of their unique perspectives, each character has his or her own special platforming abilities, forcing players to swap between multiple characters like Kigi the robot and Sandwiches the fox to traverse all of Sumimoto. Currently planned for Windows, Mac and Linux, the developers expressed interest in releasing HomeMake on consoles, even the Dreamcast.
Developer: Epic Minds
Fundraising Goal: $60,000
Funds Due By: July 13

Many Kickstarter games are homages to classic NES and SNES titles, and this action-adventure game is no different. In Midora, you explore the eponymous world as a white-haired young girl named Snow in Legend of Zelda fashion: descend into dungeons, collect items, and defeat bosses. Snow can also craft new items and potions and manipulate water for magic spell attacks and interacting with the environment. Epic Minds hopes to bring Midora to Windows, Mac and Linux, and possibly consoles and mobile devices should it reach its stretch goals.

Quantum Rush: Champions

Developer: GameArt Studio
Fundraising Goal: $36,000
Funds Due By: July 16

Quantum Rush: Champions is an offshoot of the original futuristic racer Quantum Rush, however Champions aims to bring single player content to the series. This offline version introduces a career mode, which features challenges like Last Man Standing mode, in which the racer in last place is eliminated from the track every 20 seconds. GameArt Studio also promises customizable racing conditions, additional ship parts and an arcade mode.


Developer: Tale of Tales
Fundraising Goal: $25,000
Funds Due By: July 17

Citing Dear Esther and Gone Home as influences, Sunset puts you in the role of housekeeper Angela Burns in 1970s South America. Game designers Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn want their game to be one in which you’re not just uncovering the past, but one in which even the smallest interactions can have an influence on Sunset’s other characters. As Burns, the player’s actions—whether those include ordinary housekeeping duties or pushing professional boundaries—influence the owner of the luxury suite, Gabriel Ortega, a revolutionary looking to overthrow the dictatorship. Sunset has already exceeded its funding goal, but you can still pledge for goodies and to help meet stretch goals for console and Oculus Rift support.


Developer: Firebelly Studios
Fundraising Goal: $20,000
Funds Due By: July 20

A hybrid of old-school games like Mega Man and R-Type with a dash of modern games like Starbound, Temporus tells the story of a space opera across time. You’ll collect resources for game missions, including on-foot enemy blasting and forced-progression spaceship fighting, while uncovering the mysteries of the galaxy. Temporus is up for vote on Steam Greenlight, and currently slated for release on Windows, Mac and Linux.


Developer: Lunar Ray Games
Fundraising Goal: $50,000
Funds Due By: July 25

Imagine if Street Fighter’s Rose starred in a Metroid-style game and also possessed the ability to stop time, and you have the gist of Timespinner. Play as Lunais, a young woman who travels time to defeat the evil empire responsible for her mother’s death. A child prodigy, Lunais uses her telekinesis to defeat screen-sized bosses and uncover hidden areas across a sprawling world. Lunar Ray plans to release Timespinner on Windows, Mac and Linux in late 2014, but you can vote for it on Steam Greenlight now.

Together: Amna & Saif

Developer: Lyle Cox
Fundraising Goal: $10,000
Funds Due By: June 30

Together: Amna & Saif is about companionship. Players control Amna and Saif, a mother and her son, who must work cooperatively to solve environmental puzzles and obtain the cure for their ill daughter/sister. Designed for a wide audience, game designer Lyle Cox has also implemented optional objectives for seasoned players looking for added difficulty. Together has already met its goal for release on Windows, but stretch goals for Linux and Mac OSX versions have yet to be met with just a few days left for funding.

Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows

Developer: Lince Works
Fundraising Goal: $70,000
Funds Due By: July 17
A self-described blend of Tenchu and Portal, Twin Souls seeks to return the stealth genre to its roots by favoring tactical sneaking prowess over one-man army style gameplay. You play as Aragami, a spirit with the ability to control shadows, summoned by a girl named Yamiko looking for help to escape imprisonment. Aragami can use his abilities to throw shadows and teleport between them to slip past guards or twist them to spook enemies into cutting down one another in a panic. Twin Souls is currently planned for Windows, Mac and Linux, with news of console editions coming in future updates.

[NEXT UP: Peruse the numerous games that have been successfully funded through Kickstarter, and track their progress after funding is complete]

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