Best Wii U Exclusive


Nintendo has rounded up Super Mario Bros. 2's cast – complete with their unique abilities – and taken them out in an all-new 3D adventure. Peach, Mario, Luigi, and Toad navigate tricky new worlds and challenges while gaining new abilities. The cat transformation stole the show at E3, turning each of the heroes into a feline facsimile of their ordinary selves, allowing players to bound up walls and even shimmy up the traditional end-of-level flagpole. That's not cheating, is it?

Best PlayStation Exclusive


Antihero Delsin Rowe comes off as an arrogant jerk in the Second Son demo, but is it any wonder? He's living in an oppressive future, where having superpowers is punishable by law. Seattle becomes his playground as he fights the power using a mixture of his fire- and smoke-based abilities. The E3 demo showed off the PS4's impressive power with particle effects and some of the best smoke clouds we've seen. We can't wait to tear into the game – and the city.

Best Xbox Exclusive


At its press conference Microsoft announced that the newest installment of the Dead Rising series is an Xbox One exclusive, and it's clear Capcom is putting the power of the next-gen system to good use. Capcom Vancouver is crafting an open-world city that's larger than the land mass of the first two Dead Rising games combined, and is adding more weapons, crafting combinations, vehicles, and on-screen enemies to boot. Don't let the more mature tone fool you; there will still be plenty of goofy costumes to let you play the fool in the zombie apocalypse.

Best In Show


Leave it up to Respawn Entertainment, a studio half comprised of former Infinity Ward developers, to get gamers excited for a new IP that merges the crowded shooter and mech genres. After a messy break up with Activision, Respawn comes out of the gate swinging with a next-gen Xbox One and PC title that blurs the line between single- and multiplayer. Towering mech suits called Titans rocket onto the battlefield via orbital drops, letting players transition from fluid on-foot gunplay to intense mech battles. Factor in the ex-Infinity Ward crew's knack for deep progression and pitch-perfect shooting, and you have the poster child for next-gen gaming.

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