Best Downloadable Game


Supergiant Games' last effort, Bastion, is one of the best downloadable games of recent years. Our time with Transistor on PlayStation 4 indicates we can expect more of that same high bar of quality. Mixing turn-based play with action-oriented combat, Transistor feels like a wholly original gameplay loop. Equally important, Transistor's fascinating fiction has us intrigued, offering a rich urban cityscape of sci-fi towers, mysterious allies, and deadly robotic enemies. With next-gen visuals fueling the whole affair, Transistor is an easy game to highlight in the next generation of indies.

Best Mobile Game


PopCap's original Plants vs. Zombies was so addictive that we're still logging in from time to time to shoot peas at the undead. The sequel ramps up the action with hordes of new zombies, lawn obstacles that require you to change your strategy, and a Super Mario Bros. 3 style map that lets you pick which missions you want to play next. The new Bloomerang plant attacks multiple enemies at once, but the boxing Bonk Choy steals the show. 

Best Multiplatform Game


Microsoft has exclusive console dibs on Titanfall, but its also heading to PCs, so gamers with powerful rigs won't have to let Microsoft's console deal affect their choice between the PS4 and Xbox One if they want to play. The impressive build Respawn showed off at E3 was running on the Xbox One, but the developer says a 360 version is being created by a handpicked studio that has yet to be named. Respawn is using the Xbox One's cloud technology for AI and physics systems, so we already know the 360 version may have to make some concessions, but nevertheless this was the most impressive multiplatform game we saw on the showfloor.

Best 3DS Exclusive


Nintendo is no stranger to revisiting classic franchises and formulas, and its taking yet another look at one of gaming's greatest titles with The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Set in the same universe (and featuring the same general overworld layout) as 1992's A Link to The Past, this 3DS title impresses with its 3D touch-ups of the classic 16-bit sprites. While the overworld may look familiar, Nintendo promises brand-new dungeons that should please old and new fans alike.

Best Vita Exclusive


Media Molecule is known for bringing a creative flair to the action/platform genre, and its new Vita title Tearaway follows in the charming footsteps of the LittleBigPlanet series. Tearaway transports players into a world made entirely of paper, with storybook levels that fold and unfold to reveal hidden areas and secrets. The game also breaks the fourth wall by allowing the player to manipulate the world with the Vita's back touchpad and touchscreen controls. You can rip through the player game world with your finger on the back touchpad, sending enemies flying, or use it to bounce drums that help protagonist Iota reach higher platforms. You can also unroll bridges or peel away barriers with the front touchscreen. All in all, it's another inventive and infectious title from Media Molecule.

Best PC Exclusive


At the crossroads of historical accuracy and real-time strategy sits the Total War series. Each time it tackles or revisits a new historical setting, Creative Assembly does its due diligence to make sure the game plays within the confines of the time period. However, that doesn't stop them from pushing the boundaries of the genre. The short hands-on demo of The Battle of the Nile between Egyptian and Roman forces demonstrated the impressive marriage of scale and attention to detail found in Rome II's battles. Pulling out to a bird's eye view gave us a quick way to issue several troop orders, but zooming in on the clashes gave the battles a sense of drama these massive encounters deserve.