Xillia has a more mature art style. Do you see this trend continuing for future games?

I can surely say that the art style of Tales of Xillia will be a basis for future titles. We introduced the life-size characters to better portray the atmosphere and scale of the adventure, and so players can feel as though they are exploring the world. Though the characters are expressed in life size, the texture is not photo realistic, but is based on the anime and water-color style, which is one of the traditional characteristics of the series.

Traditionally, Tales has been featured on individual platforms, but this was changed with Tales of Vesperia on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Japan.  Will future releases continue the multi-platform trend?

As of now, I do not have a plan to release [Tales of Xillia] on multi platforms. At this time, I would like to mainly select the platform on which the most users can enjoy the Tales of series.

In the past, North American fans have been frustrated over entries that didn't make it over here. How do you see the future of the series in North America?

I think the ideal situation is if we can bring all the titles to the overseas fans, I would like to do so. However, we cannot consider the overseas releases separately from the business perspective, and we need to discuss which title to release overseas considering the localization. If the series can be enjoyed by as many fans in the western countries as in Japan, there are possibilities to solve the problem. In order to do so, I have been aggressively attending overseas events and done grassroot activities for the past two years to make the series more recognizable and have more people interested in it. I believe if these activities succeed, it can be instrumental in making it possible to bring more titles overseas.

Tales games are known for the characters. Can you walk us through what goes into the character creation process?

First, we consider the detail of characters such as height, weight, age, physical type, gestures, facial expressions, and weapons. Each character has a unique way of speaking since that is one of the clearest ways to express and describe the personalities of characters. Next we consider what the characters' motivations, burdens, and principles through their journey are. These detailed settings are created so that players can empathize with characters.

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