I spend a lot of time in virtual worlds, but what always draws me in are the characters I explore them with. I find part of why I love role-playing games so much is the distinct personalities of these characters; they often become more than just images on the screen. Every so often while I play, I find myself thinking, "Hey, this character would be fun to hang out with in real life." This could only happen in a dream world, but it's a fun situation to ponder. Here are some of my favorite characters who I know I'd have a grand time hanging out with.

Yuri Hyuga (Shadow Hearts)

Not only does Yuri have a tough-guy demeanor, ensuring nobody would dare pick a fight with you in his presence, but his sarcasm makes for some great quips. Like Jim from The Office, who looks at the camera and shakes his head over all the crazy people around him, Yuri has a thought about everyone. The difference between Yuri and Jim? Yuri isn't afraid to speak his mind, saying the things we all think, but wouldn't dare say. Yuri's brashness coupled with his impeccable wit guarantees a memorable day.

Garrus  (Mass Effect)

He's got the reach if you've got the flexibility, but mostly Garrus is just a cool bro. His favorite activity, shooting bottles on top of the Citadel, is more than a fun way to spend the day, and Garrus' laid-back demeanor is perfect for easing stress. After all, do you think Commander Shepard could have dealt with the pressure of saving the world without Garrus' comic relief?

Elenor Silverberg  (Suikoden IV)

Elenor has a lot of wisdom; as a tactician, she relies on creativity to outsmart the enemy. But besides mastering the art of trickery, Elenor is a no-nonsense type, and she's happiest when she's drinking her wine. In fact, Elenor can drink her male counterparts under the table, and wine parties are her pleasure. She's my kind of girl.

Rikku (Final Fantasy X and X-2)

Sometimes you just want to be around someone with positive energy, and Rikku has more than enough energy to go around. Like your personal cheerleader, she'll lift your spirits quickly. In a world where people feed off negativity, Rikku's happy-go-lucky demeanor is invigorating; it'd be a day of embracing your inner child, not letting the weight of the world get you down.

Junpei (Persona 3)

Junpei is a loveable dude. He's a big dork at heart, but he overcompensates when he tries to hide it - and it's hilarious. But deep down, Junpei is a good guy, who's laid back - a goofball who just wants to have a good time. He'll do anything in his power to make sure those around him are enjoying themselves. Plus, watching Junpei try to be the life of the party and ultimately embarrass himself is a moment I don't want to miss.

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