Rayman has always been known for its unique level design and cute, funky storyline. With Rayman Origins, the art style crossed a threshold. The first musical level brings the game’s beauty out in sharp relief.

Rayman is known for containing musical levels including drums with faces and enemies in the style of musical instruments, but with the creative detail of Rayman Origins, the first musical level stands out after all of my years playing Rayman. 

While in the musical level, it’s easy to spot the piles of drums waiting to be jumped on. Each and every enemy and instrument has a different musical sound to match. Even the music in the level is rhythmically beautiful and somewhat catchy, and I’ve found myself humming it long after turning my console off. 

One of the enemies in the music level is a guitar string (or some sort of musical instrument string) that has a red vibration traveling through it back and forth. Rayman must avoid the red vibration and jump across. In the background there are various musical instruments that line the sky. The walls you jump and climb on are flute-like, a wind instrument. 

The creative art style of the level coupled with the imaginative music-related theme sings to those who keep all things music close to their heart.