J.J. Abrams may be traveling to a galaxy far, far away in the near future, but not before he and his team at Bad Robot release two new Star Trek projects. The wait for Abrams' second Star Trek film Into Darkness is almost over, but fans don't have to wait to jump back into his vision of the 23rd century. Developer Digital Extremes teamed up with Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures to create new story that reintroduces a classic Trek alien menace.

The game follows Kirk and Spock and is designed with cooperative play in mind, although it can still be played single player. Ben Reeves joined me for a look at the opening moments of this new Star Trek tale. We opted to play single player, but Ben is quick to point out how cooperative play works for the environment puzzles we encounter. Sit back and enjoy the ride, folks. Ben's review will be on the site in the coming days.

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