I have only earned platinum trophies in two PlayStation 3 games. Infamous and Infamous 2 did something for me of which few games are capable: they inspired an immediate, second play through.

When I played both of Sucker Punch's open world superhero titles, my first time through was as a hero. My second pass took me down a darker path, though. With inFamous 2 especially, I'm glad I chose to approach the story as I did. There is a moment toward the end of the darker tale that sticks out as one of the most emotionally conflicted in gaming.

Turn back now if you don't want to be spoiled.

Some heroes have sidekicks. Cole MacGrath had Zeke Dunbar: an annoying, conniving, backstabbing "friend." His shortcomings though, make Zeke's redemption in inFamous 2 poignant. His transformation from coward to courageous champion of the people is one of the most satisfying progressions I have experienced, and it is his death that cements him as a hero.

It takes bravery to stand up to your friends, even when they aren't super-powered beings that can shoot lightning and fire from their hands. Zeke's valiant effort to sway his friend from the dark path (though futile) embodies the best of the humanity Cole had callously tossed away.

Whether Zeke's murder at Cole's hands will be canonized when inFamous: Second Son arrives on the PlayStation 4 is unknown. It does give us hope though, that the next entry in the series will offer strong character development on top of the super powers.