Price drops and updates for RPG beat-em-ups and silly robot arcade games take the wheel this week. Keep boredom at bay with these entertaining downloads.

Ark of Sinners Advance
Price: $2.99
Developer: Bulkypix
Platform: iOS

Ark of Sinners takes place in the Anima: Beyond Fantasy universe where you venture through the world killing bad guys and kicking butt. The action-platformer/RPG is set in a world with a beautiful art style and graphics. 

Plunderland Free For Limited Time
Price: Free
Developer: JohnnyTwoShoes
Platform: iOS

Plunderland’s price was dropped down to free only for a limited time. You play a pirate sailing the seas, doing cool things like picking people up, throwing people into the water, and setting them on fire. A major update that includes a whole new campaign was recently added. 

Robots! Invade Dream World
Price: $.99
Developer: Aaron Farber
Platform: iOS

Robots are angry that they can’t dream, and they want revenge. They decide to serve this revenge on the sheep that control dreams. You travel through different levels taking out the invading robots using a kung-fu type of Sheep. 

Temple Run Oz Gets Update: New Level in Winkie Country
Price: $.99
Developer: Disney
Platform: iOS

The Disney twist on the mobile classic has received an update that includes a new level. The level takes place in Winkie Country and can be enjoyed with all of the other Oz-themed levels.